Switch Won’t Charge or Turn On? How to Fix

Is it that you’re Nintendo Switch, which you are a fan of, won’t work? But don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal. There are many reasons the Nintendo Switch might not turn on, and the majority of them don’t pose a major problem. Here are five methods to fix an issue quickly Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on.

How do you repair an Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on

If you follow the procedures below, your Switch could operate again.

Switch it manually

If it is Switch is docked and the Joy-Cons are in place, it is easy to switch the console on. However, they may also be power-depleted or lose their pairing, meaning that when you attempt to make use of them to turn off the console it won’t work. When you press the Power button located at the top of the console, you can switch on the Switch using your fingers.

Let it take charge

It’s possible that your battery is dead if you press the Power button and the Switch doesn’t come on. The majority of the time, this happens if you haven’t recharged it in a while since with time, the battery may become drained.

The Nintendo Switch may be charged in one of two ways: in its dock, or by connecting the charging cord directly to the console and waiting at least an hour.

It will work soon because the Switch can be completely charged in around three hours.

You will have to wait at least a few minutes before turning on your Switch if you want to experiment with it while it is charging.

Probably in the top left corner, there will be a battery icon. To let you know that it needs more time to recharge, it will also include a charging indication (a lightning bolt). In this scenario, wait a few minutes for it to begin producing electricity before pressing the Power button once more.

Switch Won’t Charge or Turn On

Check for damage

Why hasn’t the Switch been able to function? There could be an issue. It needs to be tested. Check to see if the charger is tightly or loosely fitted by connecting it directly to the Switch.

Remove the cable if it isn’t in excellent shape and check the port for any damage, like cracks, burns, or melting plastic. Any strange burning odours coming from the Switch should be noted.

You might need to bring the console in for maintenance or replacement if you encounter any of these problems. Check the charger as well.

Look for snagged, broken, or damaged wires. Smell the adaptor carefully to check for any burned odours. It must be replaced if there are signs of deterioration.

It is essential to get a genuine Nintendo charger to prevent problems that third-party adapters could create.

Set to the AC adapter

If the adapter is operational but the Switch is not charging Resetting the charging device will fix the problem.

  • Remove both the power source on your wall and the charging wire from the switch.
    30 seconds, about.
  • Connect the charger to the Switch, then wait for it to charge for a while.
  • .To see if the Switch is turned on, press the Power button on the bottom of the device.

Make a full reset

You need to be able to shut off your Switch if it won’t turn on after charging or if you notice a small light coming from a blank screen. You can be confident that the information you’ve saved won’t be lost.

Turning off the switch manually:

  • For around 20 minutes, firmly press and hold the Power button on one of the sides of the Switch.
  • Wait a few more seconds after releasing the Power button.
  • Ordinarily, press the Power button.


Something else could be wrong if it’s not turning on. Obtain assistance from Nintendo’s customer service.


Could an Nintendo Switch be so dead that it will not turn on?

It’s vital to know that following hard resets, the Nintendo Switch won’t power on if the battery isn’t completely charged. The Switch must be recharged for at least 3 hours. The console may be charged immediately via the wall adapter. Additionally, you may utilise docks like the Dock to refuel your Nintendo Switch.

Why can’t my Switch charging at once?

Any number of factors might prevent the Nintendo Switch from charging. For instance, turning the plug back on could be necessary. The outlet might have a problem, for example, if the fuse has burned out. The USB-C charging port on the Nintendo Switch can be filthy or have damage to the contact points.

What’s wrong with my Switch on?

Press and hold the power button until 12 seconds in order to turn off the system. After that, restart it. Unplug the plugs on both sides of the AC adapter for at least 30 seconds in order to reset it. In this process, make sure that you’re using an AC adapter specifically for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch.

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