Samsung Phone Won’t Charge Try these solutions

Samsung Galaxy phone not charging? Samsung Galaxy phone won’t charge problems? Every day, thousands of Samsung phone problems are reported. This post will help users resolve annoying Samsung phone problems like not charging.

Most charging-related problems can be solved by you without having to return your phone for an expensive repair. There are several things you can do to restore your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s charge.

Why does my Samsung Phone not charge?

If your Samsung smartphone is not charging or turning on when you plug it in, the charger might be malfunctioning. It doesn’t matter if you change to a different charger, but the phone won’t charge if it is plugged in. The software issue could also be behind slow charging or showing a decrease in battery percentage. The problem could be caused by Android OS bugs.

Samsung Phone Won't Charge

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ways to get your Galaxy smartphone charged again

Check your smartphone’s USB port for debris

With years of consistent use, it’s normal for dust, lint, or sand to build up in places like the USB-C charge port. Debris can block the port’s ability to conduct electricity, as it is obvious. Sometimes, debris can prevent the port from conducting electricity. This problem is easily fixed.

  1. Make sure to use a flashlight with a magnifying light to examine the inside of your USB port on your smartphone.
  2. You can clean any dust or foreign objects with a fine toothpick. As it is possible to permanently damage USB pins, be gentle. Alternately, you could use compressed air if it’s not possible to cause damage.
  3. Connect your smartphone to your computer and verify that it is charging.

Force your Samsung phone to restart

If your smartphone isn’t responding or working as it did before, then the operating system might have crashed. Just hold the Volume DownPower buttons for between 10-20 seconds to cause a shutdown. After the Samsung logo appears, release all buttons. When the phone boots successfully, plug it into your computer immediately to check if it’s charging.

Use a new adapter, cable, or outlet

If none of the solutions above worked for you, the problem may lie with a defective adapter/cable. Your phone’s battery can be drained quickly by constantly charging it. USB-C cables and plugs only can withstand so many insertion cycles. You don’t even have to consider any corrosion or damage that could have been caused over time.

Plug your smartphone into the USB-C port using a different cable and adapter. Make sure to check your power supply as well.

Wireless charging can be an option if your smartphone supports this.

You can charge a premium Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S22 Series wirelessly. Wait for the charging animations start.

If your smartphone has been exposed to water, dry it.

Many Samsung Galaxy smartphones feature IP67 or I68 water resistance. This means that they are resistant to accidental drops, splashes, and light rain. This doesn’t mean that your smartphone is impervious to water.

Samsung’s One UI Operating System automatically blocks charging if it detects water inside the USB C port. If your device has been in contact with water, you should let it air dry before plugging it back in.

Replace the battery port or charger

As we said, the lifespan of smartphone batteries or charge ports is not guaranteed. These components are susceptible to deterioration over three years or more of heavy use, especially if they’re used frequently. You don’t have to replace your phone.

Samsung is among the brands that will replace your battery and charge port within a short time. The total bill should not exceed $100, excluding taxes and labor. It is a bargain when you consider that buying a new smartphone will run you many times that amount.

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