PS4 Controller Won’t Charge? See How to Fix it

Your PS4 controller should start charging after you attach a charging connection to the gaming system. The controller’s front-facing LEDs, however, might not be turning on, as you may have seen. The controller for the PS4 is not charging, therefore this indicates.

Try each of our suggestions if this is the case until you discover the one that works for you.


Reset the Controller

The PS4 and controller connection is often broken by a bug. Resetting all of your gadgets is the first thing to do.

  • Disconnect your PlayStation 4 now.
  • your game console’s plug
  • Remove the PlayStation 4’s plug.
  • Look on the back for the reset button.


  • Utilize a pin or anything else of similar size to press the button within. Maintain the button’s depressed state for at least five seconds.
  • The USB cable is used to connect the controller to the PS4.
  • Connect your PS4
  • Maintain depressing the PS button.

If the front light bar turns blue at this point, the problem is solved.

PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

The controller needs repair

The controller must then be paired once again.

  • Launch the PS4
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Devices.
  • Select “Take everything off the list.”3
  • Turn off the device.
  • Use a bobby pin to press the reset button on the controller for five seconds to reset it.
  • Connect the USB cord to the controller and turn on the game system.
  • Use the PS button on the controller.
  • When the controller’s light turns on, you may remove the cord and continue using the device without it.

After that, try whether the controller can recharge.

Reset the console’s power.

The third choice is to switch your PS4 on and off once again. It frequently aids in pest removal.

  • Sleep the PS4 and the controller.
  • Take the PS4’s power cord out.
  • Wait for 30 minutes.
  • To drain any residual power, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds while the console is turned off and disconnected.
  • Reconnect your PS4.
  • Turn it on
    By now, you ought to have confirmed whether this resolves the issue.

Reset and Update

Let’s combine the above ideas to make a more complete plan:

  • Start the PS4
  • Click on Settings, then Devices.
  • Choose “Shut down the device.” It will bring up a screen where you can choose to turn off “All” devices or just one.
  • Select All
  • Turn the console off by hand (with the power button)
  • Unplug the console for 30 minutes and press its power button for 30 seconds.
  • Reset the device.
  • USB plug in the controller
  • Start the PS4
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select System Software Update
    If you see the option “Update Now,” select it
  • Press Acceptwhen the update downloads
  • Let the program finish.

After installing the latest console update, please try charging the controller again.

Remember that the PS4 controller doesn’t require a firmware upgrade as the Xbox controller does.

Change the USB Port

Your PS4’s USB port could occasionally stop functioning. To confirm that this is the issue, try charging the PS4 using different electronics, such as your computer.

Continue exploring for other answers if it won’t charge from any source, which indicates that the controller is the issue.

Change the Cable

Before you replace the battery, you might want to replace the PS4 cable. In addition to switching cables, check the one you’re using for physical damage.

Charge the Controller Upside Down

It appears odd, but it functions. Turning the PS4 controller on its side allows you to charge it.

Because it can clean the charging port of dust, this is beneficial.

Change the Batteries

Changing the battery in your controller is not as simple as it should be, but you can still do it yourself. If you lack a tiny crosshead or Phillips head screwdriver, you might take the device to a service store. Additionally, you need a plastic pry bar and the correct PS4 battery.

Here’re the steps:

  • With the screwdriver, remove each of the screws from the DualShock 4’s rear. Never misplace the screws.
  • To open the case, use a plastic pry bar. With the bar, move all around the controller until the case opens.
  • Ribbon cables are used to keep the case together. Be cautious when you open the controller.
  • Remove the battery connector from the device. Turn and twist it to remove it.
  • Insert the fresh battery into the remote. Ensure that the ledge of the connection is at the bottom. Simply attach the connector’s pin to the socket.

Even though the process is simple, you have to be very careful and careful. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust while you’re at it.

Here’s a video tutorial:

Also, there are five generations of PS4 controllers, and each one has its own battery. Look at the FAQ for more information.

Clean the Charging Port

The charging port could have dirt or dust in it. Your PS4 controller wouldn’t be able to charge.

You can clean the area with compressed air, a microfiber cloth, a wooden toothpick, an electric blower, or a cue tip. Then try once more.

Change the Charging Port

As before, you need either a Phillips Head or a small crosshair screwdriver. A plastic pry is also needed.

  • Remove the four back screws.
  • To get the case out, use the plastic pry. Careful with the ribbon cable made of plastic
  • Pull the plastic cords that connect the cases apart.
  • Take the top of the case.
  • Push the light bar out of the way to take it out.
  • Light the phone and take off the two plastic pieces covering the charging port.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the charging port in place.
  • Lift the port up slowly from its base.
  • Insert the new port. Make sure it’s facing the right way. Just push it into place.
  • Place the ribbon cables back where they belong.
  • Put the screws back where they belong.
  • Replace the plastic cover.
  • Put the light bar back where it belongs.
  • Put the controller back together. Make sure the ribbon cable is back where it should be.
  • Replace the four screws.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, methods you can use to troubleshoot and see why your PS4 controller won’t charge. If after trying all of these methods, your controller still won’t charge, check your warranty.

If you are still under warranty, it’s best to take the controller to Sony or the retailer you purchased it from for a refund, replacement, or repair.

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