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That sounds like a fun and educational app! It’s great that it lets you listen to a variety of animal sounds and bird calls from around the world. With 65 different sounds, you can learn how all sorts of creatures communicate.

Here are some things you might enjoy doing with the app:

See if you can identify the animal or bird just by listening to its sound. Learn about the different habitats where these animals and birds live. Play the sounds for your friends and family and see if they can guess what they are. Would you like to know some of the common animal and bird sounds?

Animal and bird sounds

Animal and Bird Sounds for APK Specifications

Name Animal and Bird Sounds
App Version 2.1.3
Category sound
Installations 100,000+
Release Date 11 Mar 2015
Last Update 6 Jul 2024
License Type Free
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Animal and bird sounds

Animal and Bird Sounds – 2024

The world is full of amazing sounds from all sorts of creatures!

Here are some examples of how different animals and birds communicate:

Cats: Meow, purr, hiss
Dogs: Bark, woof, howl
Cows: Moo
Lions: Roar
Elephants: Trumpet
Whales: Sing complex songs

Chickens: Cluck, chirp
Ducks: Quack
Owls: Hoot
Eagles: Screech
Robins: Chirp, sing a melodic song
Crows: Caw

Other Animals:
Frogs: Croak, ribbit
Snakes: Hiss
Bees: Buzz

These are just a few examples, and there is a huge variety of sounds that animals make.
Here are some resources you can check out:

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