My Kindle Won’t Charge? How to Troubleshoot It

My Kindle Won’t Charge: In this article, I’ll give you a full list of some other common reasons why your Kindle won’t charge. We’ll also look at how to solve this problem. That, plus a lot more.

Most of the time, a Kindle that won’t charge is because the battery is broken. There could also be a problem with the power adapter, the charging cable, the char

My Kindle Won’t Charge? How to Troubleshoot It

Reasons Why Your Kindle May Not be Charging

Note: Please pay attention to the order in which the following factors are listed. By going through each factor one by one, you can troubleshoot the problem completely and thoroughly.

Faulty Charger

One of the first things you should check if your Kindle won’t charge is the charger.

You would think that this is obvious, but trust me when I say that when your Kindle stops charging, the charger is not the first thing you assume is faulty.

So check that your charger is functional. If you can, try charging anything else with the power adapter to see if it functions. If the other gadget won’t charge, the charger is likely defective.

Simply replace the existing charger with a different device’s power adapter at this point to test whether your Kindle will start charging. If it does, it will demonstrate that the charger is the issue, supporting the idea. All that’s left to do is purchase a new Kindle charger, such as this Official Amazon 5W OEM Charger.

Charging Cable Gone Bad 

The charging cord should next be tested if the power adaptor is functional.

Like we did with the power adapter, check the charging wire as well. Having a spare USB cable compatible with your Kindle will make this task simpler. Try charging your Kindle once more after switching the charging wire with an additional USB cord.

The charging cord is to blame, so if you see that your Kindle is starting to charge right now, let us know. Changing the charging cord is all that is necessary in this situation.

You may get a replacement on Amazon by searching for the Original Micro-USB Kindle Charging Cable. This Type C charging cable is what you need for your Kindle if your device has a USB type C connector.

Issue with the Charging Socket

Issue with the Charging Socket should be the final item you examine before moving on to other issues if the power adapter and charging cable are both in good functioning order.

The charging socket is a crucial component of the charging assembly. Therefore, even if the charging cable and adapter are functional, the charging socket must also be tested.

It’s conceivable that the charging extension has broken even though the wall socket is still functional if you’re using one.

Finally, before we begin examining the gadget itself, you must confirm that every component of the charging assembly is in perfect working order.

Charger Not Inserting Completely

Charger Not Inserting Completely cord’s condition may also need to be taken into consideration.

This issue may be overlooked easily. Even if all the components are in working order, your device won’t charge properly if the charging cable is not inserted properly into the power adapter or the USB port on your Kindle.

Typically, this occurs when the charging port on your smartphone has an excessive amount of dust or grime. Your device won’t charge as a result since it will be hard to properly connect the USB cable to the charging port on your device.

By checking to verify if the charging cable fully inserted into the charging port, you may quickly determine if your smartphone is experiencing this issue. If not, it’s possible that you need to clean the port on your device where power is supplied.

The charging port on your device may be cleaned using the video below.

Incorrect Charging Mode

Incorrect Charging Mode It’s crucial to understand that charging your Kindle via a USB port on a PC or laptop will take much longer.

Additionally, if you utilise the incorrect charging method while your Kindle’s battery is acting up, it’s probable that your device may either charge very slowly or not at all.

Sure this occurs, examine if your Kindle charges properly by inserting it into a wall outlet and the power adaptor. Continue attempting to solve the issue by looking at the other items below if the Kindle still won’t charge.

Battery Charge Too Low

It’s possible that the battery on your Kindle may run out long before it can be turned back on or even begin the charging process.

The Kindle doesn’t automatically cut down as the battery charge approaches 0%, in contrast to the majority of smartphones nowadays. It becomes challenging to start charging when the battery falls below a specific level as a result of this.

Consequently, “the battery sign and an exclamation mark!”

I’ve published a lengthy post explaining why this is occurring and what may be done to correct it. If this is the issue you’re experiencing, click the link to read the article.

Faulty Battery

You should consider whether the battery is the issue if your Kindle won’t charge.

A Kindle’s battery typically lasts between three and five years, or 500 charges (whichever comes first). The battery can occasionally live more than 500 charge cycles if it is charged properly.

It may be time to get a new battery if your current one has run out of life.

You can quickly and simply change the battery in your gadget at home with the correct equipment in just a few minutes (that can be easily purchased on Amazon). Even better, changing the battery in your Kindle doesn’t cost much money. The cost of the battery is included, therefore it won’t be more than $20 to $30.

Check out my other post, “How to Replace the Kindle Battery,” where I lead you through the procedure step-by-step and provide you with the whole guide and all the equipment you’ll need if you’re up for the job.

Problem With the Charging Port of the Kindle

The final thing you may need to check on your Kindle is its charging port if you’ve previously repaired all the other issues.

Your Kindle’s charging port can just cease functioning. A short circuit, overcharging, or excessive heat may be at blame for this.

You won’t see the orange light that indicates the battery is charging when you attach the charger if your Kindle’s charging port is malfunctioning.

How to Fix the Issue of Kindle Not Charging?

There are further choices open to you that I have not yet discussed. Let’s look at it!

Reboot Your Device

You may resolve any potential software issues on your device by restarting it. For instance, the way a Kindle battery syncs might occasionally be problematic. Simply switch your Kindle on and off to solve this issue.

Just press the top of the screen to restart your older Kindle. then select “Settings” from the menu. Next, select the “Restart” button.

Your Kindle will begin the process of restarting after a brief period. Try charging the smartphone once more when the report is finished to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Hold down the power button on your Kindle Fire tablet for about 10 seconds. A menu will appear on the screen. Your gadget will restart if you simply click “Restart.”

Hard Reset Your Kindle

Sometimes your Kindle screen displays an error. A battery icon with an exclamation point appears when your Kindle’s battery is too low to charge.

If a classic Kindle’s screen is stuck on a page, you may not be able to reboot it. If this happens, reboot your Kindle.

Hold a candle’s “power” button for 40 seconds. Eventually, the Kindle screen will flicker. The Kindle restarts immediately.

Some Kindles wouldn’t start after a hard reset. Just repeat the same steps, and the gadget will restart.

In certain cases, charging the Kindle while hard resetting may be beneficial. This ensures your device’s battery can withstand a hard reset.

Replace the Charging Cable and Adaptor

You may also get a new charging cord and power adapter for your Kindle. Even though we’ve already covered this, it’s crucial to reiterate that utilising the original charging cord and adaptor can significantly impact whether or not your Kindle continues to charge.

One thing to bear in mind is that utilising an OEM Power Adaptor and the genuine Amazon USB charging cable designed particularly for Kindle can both shorten and lengthen the battery’s lifespan.

In other words, it’s probable that your battery won’t last as long and won’t continue to charge if you use chargers or cables that aren’t created by the manufacturer.

Replace Your Kindle Battery

There isn’t much you can do if the battery in your Kindle can no longer retain a charge, let’s face it.

In this situation, changing the device’s battery is one solution you have to solve the charging issue with your Kindle.

As I previously stated, you can easily complete this at home for a cost of $20 to $30. Simply adhere to the detailed directions in my previous post, “How to Replace the Kindle Battery.”

You could also visit a location where mobile gadgets are repaired. It may set you back $50 to $100. However, with that kind of money, you could easily get a new Kindle!

Restore to Factory Default Settings

Naturally, you can only carry out these instructions if your Kindle is powered on and not charging. You won’t be able to navigate straight to the “Settings” menu if you turn off your device. But there is an other option!

To restore your Kindle Fire Tab’s settings to their original state,

  • Hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • A screen with the text “System Recovery” will appear. Let go of the buttons as soon as you see that. Next, navigate the
  • menu using the volume buttons and choose “Wipe data/factory reset.”
  • Once you’ve reached the choice, use the “Power” button to activate it.
  • Then, press the volume up and power keys simultaneously to choose “Yes – erase all user data.”

Your device’s settings will be cleared, and the setup process will begin over. Check to see if the smartphone is currently charging.

Contact Customer Service

If you’ve read this far, it’s probable that your circumstances haven’t improved and that none of the suggestions above were effective. If so, please tell me what transpired in the article’s comments area!

One final thing you may do is to speak with Amazon’s Kindle customer support to see if they have any more suggestions before you give up on your Kindle.

Despite the fact that I’ve discussed every variant of a solution I came across while doing study. But there is no harm in giving it another go!

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