Juul Won’t Charge? How to Fix Issues

It can be very frustrating if your Juul vape pen won’t charge. Lucky for you, I’ve found 7 ways to try to get your Juul to charge again.

You might also find that the battery is dead, but the LEDs are still flashing, or that the battery won’t hold a charge.

All of these problems can be fixed with the steps below, which work for all models and pods of Juul vape pens. The fixes are listed below, from the most likely to work to the least likely. Let us begin!

Clean Your Juul Connectors & Charger

Most of the time, the Juul vape pen won’t charge because dirt, dust, oils, or lint have built up on either the Juul connector or the USD charger. Or both in some cases.

This is because most people keep their Juul in a pocket or bag, which is a great place for fluff and dirt to gather. Even if you only have your device for one to two months, a lot of buildups can still happen.

Juul Won't Charge? How to Fix Issues

To fix this, get a cotton bud, q-tip, or dry cloth and wipe the connectors and the bottom of the Juul to get rid of any dirt. You should also do the same thing for the charger.

This should solve the problem of not being able to charge!

Wave a Magnet Over The Juul

Wave a Magnet Over The Juul Although this is an odd cure, many Reddit users claim it works like a charm regardless of how odd it may seem.

Put a magnet on the bottom of the Juul, such as one from a refrigerator or a magnetic name tag. To determine what works best, you may also move the magnet around the region that has the charge. Placing the magnet on the charger also appears to be effective.

This action is performed to assist the device’s magnets, which might be the issue, be balanced again.

Adjust The Battery

Another frequent cause of a Juul not charging is that the battery may not even be attached to the charging connectors. If you had dropped your Juul or sufficiently struck it, this may have happened.

Simply remove the Juul pod and use a thin item to try to push the connection and pad back into the device. By pressing firmly on the battery’s bottom, you can also try to connect it.

Attempting to reinstall the battery by drying the gadget and vigorously shaking it is another option.

Try a Different Charger

Try a different charger if nothing else is working at this stage because the one you are currently using may be defective. You might question a friend or relative who uses Juul. If not, you may spend $5 to $10 on a new one.

You might also try charging the Juul from a different outlet as a follow-up to this as the one you may be connected into might no longer be functional. You should also test using a different adapter as part of further troubleshooting.

 There May Be Water Damage

There May Be Water Damage This might be the reason your Juul won’t charge or turn on if you dropped it in water, a pool, alcohol, or even the toilet.

Put the Juul in a bag or container of dry rice and turn off the device (if it still has power) to see if that helps. Despite the fact that it might sound unusual, dried rice is one of the greatest materials to utilise to absorb any water or moisture that has entered a gadget.

This works well with cellphones and other electrical gadgets as well.

Don’t Charge Via a Laptop

Don’t Charge Via a Laptop This could be the issue if you’ve read this far and are using a PC or laptop to charge your Juul. Some computers won’t supply your Juul with enough power to restart if the battery is entirely dead.

Simply connect Juul’s adapter into the power to charge it if this describes you.

FAQ-Juul Won’t Charge

Why has my JUUL stopped charging?

If your JUUL Device won’t charge, the USB port may be the cause rather than the device or the charger. A different USB port could work better for charging your gadget. Never use a tablet or phone’s wall charger to charge a JUUL device.

Why is my JUUL blinking green and not charging?

When you use your Juul or activate the battery check by tapping the device twice, it will normally start blinking green (in some instances by accident). It means that the battery is full or almost full.

What is the battery life of a JUUL?

When will it be necessary to replace the JUUL’s battery? After 600 charges, or around one to two years of regular usage, the JUUL battery should still be functional.

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Your Juul should be charging now thanks to the assistance of this instruction. If it has, do let us know in the comments section which step was successful for you. People who use vape pens will benefit from this.

Additionally, if you’ve discovered a different way to cure your Juul, please let me know so I may perhaps include it in later updates.

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