Apple Watch Won’t Turn On or Charge – Best Solutions

When your Apple Watch won’t turn on, it may be quite useful. By reminding you of your objectives, may, for instance, maintain track of your exercises and goals, which might encourage you to get out and work harder. When the Apple Watch won’t turn on, this is an issue.

This post will demonstrate how to resolve this issue on your Apple Watch and prevent it from recurring in the future.

Why is Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

Let’s investigate the potential cause of the Watch not turning on when it should before attempting to fix it.

Some of the potential causes are listed below.

i. The battery on the Apple Watch died.

ii Software issues with the watch, item.

iii. When the charging wire breaks.

The next part will cover several solutions to the problem once you’ve seen some of the possible causes of your Apple Watch not turning on.

How to Fix Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

This article goes above and beyond to make sure that the solutions are set up in the best way possible so that you, the reader, get the most out of it. So, you can use Methods 1 through 3 to fix small problems with the Apple Watch.

Mobitrix Prefix is the method to use if the Apple Watch still won’t turn on after you’ve tried the other methods. The prefix will help you get your Apple Watch back quickly and safely. It works with all iOS versions and keeps your data safe and private.

Use the steps below to fix your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Won't Turn On or Charge

1. Charge your Apple Watch and Check its charging cable

Your Apple Watch may not turn on if the battery is dead, as was already mentioned. In this situation, connect your Apple Watch to the opposite end of your charging cord. Once the plug is turned on, the Apple Watch should begin to charge. Attempt to turn it back on once it is full.

After some time has passed and you still can’t get the Apple Watch to come on, there could be an issue with the charging cord. The cable can be defective, broken, or otherwise harmed. Check to see whether the Apple Watch turns on by switching it out or trying a different charging cord.

This is the authorized, cost-free method of fixing your Apple Watch. Try one of the other techniques listed below, nevertheless, if the watch still won’t switch on.

2. Force Apple Watch to Turn On

There may be times when the Apple Watch won’t turn on because of small problems. When you force restart your Apple Watch, it stops everything it’s doing, even if it’s not able to restart normally. This fixes small problems.

Force-restarting your Apple Watch is a good way to fix it, but DON’T do it during an update, as this could cause even bigger problems. It should only be forced to restart if nothing else works.

Here’s how to force the watch to restart:

i. Hold down the Side and Digital Crown buttons simultaneously for around 15 minutes.

ii. Release the buttons when you see the Apple logo.

Your Apple Watch will restart after that, at which point you may use it once more.

This approach is simple to apply and won’t wipe off your settings or data.

3. Turn Off Power Reserve

Power reserve mode is frequently used, especially when an Apple Watch is brand new. This gives the impression that the Apple Watch won’t turn on, which is untrue. To extend the battery life, the watch’s power reserve mode disables the majority of its capabilities.

Hold down the Side button for an extended period of time until the Apple logo appears to turn it off. This will restart your Apple Watch and switch off the power reserve mode.

4. Turn Off the Screen Curtain with Settings

With the help of Apple’s Screen Curtain function, you may utilize VoiceOver on your Apple Watch even while the display is off. This can occasionally cause an issue and prevent the watch from turning on. You must switch off your Apple Watch in order to repair this.

Turning it off

i. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.

ii. Select “Settings” VoiceOver for general accessibility

iii. The Screen Curtain is near to a switch. Turn it off.

Now that it has been shut off, your Apple Watch ought to turn on.

What if no method worked

You’ll need to get your Apple Watch serviced by a specialist if you’ve tried the methods listed above and it still won’t switch on. Bring your Apple Watch to an Apple Store or repair facility in the area. If it has hardware issues that you are unable to resolve on your own, they will identify the issue and fix it.


Because we use our Apple Watches every day to monitor things like our health, we all need to keep them in excellent working order. Therefore, if our Apple Watch won’t turn on, we need prompt fixes to avoid interfering with our daily activities.

You learned about the many causes of your Apple Watch’s potential malfunction in this post. It also instructed you on how to solve the issue. According to the publication, Prefix is a simple to use, always effective solution to fast repair your watch. As a final option, you ought to get your Apple Watch examined and mended by a repair facility.

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