Ringing The Doorbell Won’t Charge? Try This Easy Trick

The Ring doorbell has a video camera built-in, so you can see who is at the door right from your phone. Even if you’re not at home, you can answer calls through the built-in speakers. You can also use the Ring app to record short clips of any motion your doorbell sees. This helps keep your home safer.

If your Ring doorbell isn’t charging properly, you could lose all of these helpful features. When the battery gets low, you just charge it and put it back in your do Refresh Battery Status in the Ring Apporbell. But if your Ring battery doesn’t charge right, your smart doorbell might not work at all. Here are a few things you can try to fix if your Ring doorbell won’t charge.

the Refresh Battery Status in the Ring App

Even though your Ring app says that the battery is low, this might not be true. The status of your battery in the app may not always match the real status of your battery. You may need to refresh the Ring app to see the most up-to-date battery status.

To refresh your Ring battery status:

  • Double or triple-press your Ring doorbell.
  • Again, check your app. You should now know the most recent information about batteries.

Check the Temperature

Most lithium-ion rechargeable batteries don’t work well when it’s cold outside. If your Ring doorbell won’t charge, it could be because of how hot or cold it is outside.

Ringing The Doorbell Won't Charge

In cold weather, your Ring’s battery may lose power faster than usual and need to be charged more often. In order to protect the battery from damage, Ring’s software may even stop it from charging at low temperatures. You may also have trouble when the temperature is very high.

Ring tells you about some important temperatures you should know:

  • 120F (50C): To prevent damage, the device will turn off.
  • 113F (45C):  If your Ring stays at this temperature for too long, it will shut down.
  • 36F (3C): The battery might need to be charged more often and won’t hold a charge as well as it used to.
  • 32F (0C): The battery may not charge at all, even when hardwired.
  • 5F (-20.5C): The battery may stop working completely.

If you think the cold is making your Ring doorbell act up, try bringing the whole thing inside to charge. This will make sure your Ring doorbell warms up while it’s charging. When it’s cold outside, you should also keep a closer eye on how charged your Ring doorbell is.

Ensure the Wi-Fi Signal is Strong

A weak Wi-Fi signal is often the reason why a Ring’s battery dies too quickly.

When the Wi-Fi connection is weak, your device has to keep looking for the strongest signal to connect to. This uses up your battery even more. Move your Wi-Fi router closer to where your Ring doorbell is. This will fix the problem. This will make the signal stronger and should use less battery.

You can also use a Wi-Fi booster or set up a mesh network to make the signal where your Ring doorbell is stronger.

Reduce Motion Sensitivity

Other factors than a poor Wi-Fi signal might cause your battery to discharge more quickly. You might be able to get your Ring doorbell to charge once again by resolving these issues.

If your Ring doorbell is used more frequently, the battery will drain more quickly. Your battery has to work harder each time your doorbell snaps a photo, notices motion, records a video, or enters live view. If you use your battery excessively, it can deplete more quickly than you’d want.

You might try reducing the motion sensitivity of your Ring doorbell to make it less noisy. The number of events that your Ring device logs should decrease as a result.

To reduce motion sensitivity on the Ring Doorbell::

  • Launch the Ring app.
  • Tap the Menu icon.
  • Select Devices.
  • Tap the Ring you want to change.
  • Tap the tile that says Motion Settings.
  • Select Motion Sensitivity.
  • Move the slider to the left to turn down how sensitive the detection is.

Set Up Motion Schedules

Another approach to limit how frequently your Ring doorbell is utilised is to set up motion routines. This guarantees that your Ring doorbell will only pick up motion during specific hours of the day. You may disable the motion detection when you don’t need it, such late at night.

To set up a motion schedule for the Ring Doorbell:

  • Run the Ring application.
  • In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the menu symbol.
  • Tap gadgets
  • Select the Ring component you want to modify.
  • Select the Motion Settings tile by tapping it.
  • Decide on Details for Settings.
  • Tap Motion Schedules.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Add Schedule.
  • Give your schedule a name by tapping Customized, or enter your own.
  • Change the times that your motion-detecting gadget should stop and start working, then hit Continue.
  • After selecting the days your schedule will be in effect, press Save.
  • You can add more than one schedule by repeating the aforementioned procedures.

Check Your Ring Charger

If your charger is malfunctioning, your Ring doorbell may not be able to charge.

Try using your charger to charge something else. This is an easy method to learn. The issue isn’t with your charger if this item charges as it ought to.

However, you might need to purchase a new Ring charger if you can’t get the gadget to charge properly.

Try a Factory Reset

You might be able to solve the issue by returning your Ring doorbell to its factory default settings if it’s not charging properly. Your Ring gadget may be entirely reset by depressing the setup button for 30 seconds. It will then flash and restart. After doing that, you may restart the Ring doorbell setup by pressing the setup button once again.

The setup button is located differently depending on the model of Ring doorbell you have:

  • An orange button may be found on the rear of the Generation 1 and Generation 2 Ring Video Doorbells.
  • The gadget features a little black button. This applies to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, and 3 Plus.
  • Wired An orange button may be found on the Ring Video Doorbell’s right side.
  • A little button is located on the right side of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
  • On the upper-right side of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, there is a little black button underneath the faceplate.

Replace the Battery

Your battery could be too old if your Ring doorbell is still having charging issues. Getting a new battery for the Ring is the simplest solution to this issue.

You may continue using your Ring doorbell while the battery is charging if you have a spare.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above fixes work, your best bet is to call Ring’s customer service.

It’s possible that your Ring doorbell itself is broken, in which case you’ll need to get a new one. Depending on how old your Ring doorbell is, you may still be able to get it fixed or replaced under warranty.

Make Your Home Smarter

One of the alternatives listed above should assist you in resolving the issue if your Ring doorbell isn’t charging. A Ring doorbell is a cheap yet efficient method to upgrade the intelligence of your house. It enables you to answer the door even if you are not present.

There are several more ways you may apply smart technology in your house. One of the simplest ways to add intelligence to any gadget is by using smart plugs and a voice assistant.

Why not allow sophisticated irrigation systems maintain your lawn? You can even get bathtubs that you can operate with your phone so that your bath is ready when you walk through the door.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Charge FAQ

How do I know if my Ring Doorbell is charging?

Plug the charging cable right into the doorbell’s port on the back. As soon as the doorbell’s battery is charged, the ring-shaped light on the front will light up. When the light is solid blue, it means that the battery is full.

What is the life expectancy of a Ring Doorbell?

If you use your ring video doorbell normally, the battery will last for six to twelve months. If your ring records a lot of movement every day, the battery may die quickly. When the battery is getting low, the Ring app will let you know.

Why will my Ring Doorbell not charge?

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t charging, make sure your WiFi connection is strong and that the charger and charging cable isn’t broken. Check the MCB Box in your home to see if the breaker has tripped. If the problem keeps happening, your ring doorbell’s battery may be broken and need to be replaced.


One of the most crucial tasks we must complete is ensuring the health of batteries. Now, if your Ring doorbell won’t charge, you can determine the problem methodically and fix it swiftly.

I’ve experimented with my ring doorbell extensively, and it is a really fascinating item. It is user-friendly and offers fascinating features, such as a live view that allows you to monitor the video doorbell in real-time.

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