Apple Watch Won’t Charge? see how to fix it

Apple Watch not charging? Whether you’re having issues with a particular cable, multiple cables/chargers, or your touch screen isn’t responding, read on for solutions to fix an Apple Watch that won’t power up.

You set up your Apple watch to charge, but it’s battery life keeps decreasing. When an Apple Watch SE won’t charge, there’s an array of possible explanations. Today, I’ll show you how to troubleshoot your Apple Watch to figure out the exact problem that’s occurring.

How To Check If Your Apple Watch Is Charging

Before continuing with the repair process, it might help to make absolutely sure your Apple Watch hasn’t been charging without you realizing.

To determine if this is the case, swipe up from your Apple Watch’s screen. You’ll see a percentage in the top left of the display after you do this. This number is your Apple Watch SE’s current battery life.

Tap on the percentage to get more details about your battery. If you see the word “charging” on this page, your device has a successful connection to its magnetic charger. If you don’t see this icon, you can assume something is wrong.

Apple Watch Won't Charge

Repair Your Apple Watch With Apple

If you’ve tried every other troubleshooting step and you still haven’t been able to resolve the problem, the safest thing to do is go directly to Apple. Giving a professional the opportunity to diagnose and repair your device is your best option for keeping the problem from worsening.

How Do I Repair My Apple Watch With Apple?

There are a few way to get in touch with Apple about repairs. If you’re willing to go out to an Apple Store:

  1. Set up an appointment at your local Genius Bar.
  2. Bring your Apple Watch in for a free diagnosis and repair quote!

If you’d prefer a mail-in repair service:

  1. Visit Apple’s support website.
  2. Look in to Apple’s mail-in repair servicing options.

Apple Watch not charging: solutions

  • Make sure your Apple Watch isn’t overheated or too cold
  • 32º to 95º F is the ambient temperature range recommended, let it cool down or warm up if it’s too hot or cold
  • Make sure your charger and watch’s (backside) are clean
  • Put your Apple Watch on the charger for at least 30 minutes plugged into an outlet you know is working
  • If the battery is very low, a red lightning bolt will appear, that will turn green when it starts charging
  • If it’s still not charging, try a second charging cable if you have one and/or a different outlet, use the official Apple charger that came with your watch if you haven’t already
  • You can force restart your Apple Watch if it still isn’t charging
  • If your Apple Watch still isn’t powering up or responding to the force restart, head to an Apple Store, Apple Authorized Service Provider, or get in touch with Apple Support.
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