Fitbit Ionic Won’t Charge? See Solutions for issue

Have you had issues starting or charging your Fitbit Ionic? Be not scared. You’re not the only one whose Fitbit Ionic won’t charge. Fitbit users frequently discuss this issue in the Fitbit forum because it is a common one.

What is the actual cause, then? We’ll go through each of the possible causes of a Fitbit Ionic’s charging issues in more depth. A Fitbit Ionic watch typically won’t charge or turn on for the following reasons:

  • a dying or damaged battery
  • Internal part that is faulty
  • the operating system is having issues
  • dirty or corroded charging port
  • defective charger

But if you adhere to the below-listed troubleshooting techniques, you can resolve these issues.

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Charge: How To Fix It

There may be a few issues with Fitbit, but you can easily repair them on your own. If your Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on or charge, you can try a few different things. One of the following options exists for resolving this issue:

 Restart the Fitbit Ionic

Check to see if the watch is charging or turning on first. You may accomplish this simply switching the Fitbit Ionic on and off.

The menu button will display a Fitbit icon when you press and hold it. It should typically switch on in ten seconds or less. Most of the time, this will resolve the issue.

Hopefully, turning the gadget off and back on will solve the issue. The next measures must be taken if it won’t restart.

Fitbit Ionic Won't Charge

Recharge Your Fitbit Ionic

Your Fitbit Ionic could be unable to turn on if it hasn’t been charged properly. Let it charge for a while to see if that makes a difference. Try turning on the wearable the same way you typically do after charging it. Your Fitbit Smartwatch may turn itself back on after being charged if the battery dies.

People frequently forget to charge fitness trackers and smartwatches since they don’t require frequent charging. Because of this, your smartwatch won’t function.

Additionally, it could occur if you attempt to switch on your Fitbit after upgrading the software or doing a factory reset. Always check your smartwatch’s battery level before changing the firmware or doing a factory reset. It should always have at least half of its charge.

Check Your Fitbit Charger

If the aforementioned procedures fail to activate or charge your Fitbit Ionic, don’t give up on it. Additionally, there is a risk that the charger is damaged.

Next, look for physical damage or loose connections on your charger. Your wall plug can possibly be damaged. Therefore, confirm that the outlet is functional before plugging in the charger. Try charging it in a different outlet if this is the issue.

Instead, examine the charger to determine if it is damaged if it still won’t switch on. Your device won’t be charged if your charger is defective, and your watch will stop working.

Additionally, remember to charge your Fitbit before the battery entirely runs out. A fully dead battery on a smartphone is not a good indication.

Clean the Charging Cable Port

It’s possible that dirt has accumulated on the charger’s tip if your Fitbit Ionic won’t charge. Therefore, thoroughly cleaning the charging port is crucial.

The charger may be cleaned with a dry, non-watery cloth. Additionally, you can clean it with a toothbrush or a dry cloth.

Clean the Charging Port

You should check the charging ports for dirt and debris as the final step in troubleshooting. Some gadgets’ charging ports could get blocked with dirt and become inoperable.

To remove the dust, clean the charging port with a gentle cloth. A moist towel can also be used for cleaning. Cotton balls and rubbing alcohol are other cleaning supplies. However, be careful not to apply any pressure to the ports. It could harm the sensors.

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Turn On After Charging

There is just one solution available for this issue, which is a typical one among Fitbit Ionic users.

Altering the clock face can help if your Fitbit Ionic won’t come on after charging but is still paired with your phone. Numerous others have had success with this approach, and you could too.

  • Launch the Fitbit app.
  • While viewing the Today tab, tap your photo.
  • As soon as you’ve done so, tap the image of your device.
  • By pressing the clock faces.
  • Choosing a random clock face from the collection, click “Apply” afterward.

Verify your device right now. If it’s connected to your phone, the screen should automatically go on. Furthermore, the watch’s hardware may be the source of the issue. You ought to get in touch with customer assistance if this is the situation.

Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on After the Update

Updates are an essential component of any product since they provide or modify features that enhance the user experience. It could potentially lead to issues. If your Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on after you updated it, follow these steps.

Restarting the gadget is the sole solution, according to Fitbit.

  • Put off purchasing the Fitbit Ionic.
  • Till you see the Fitbit logo, press all three buttons simultaneously.
  • Charge the gadget for no less than an hour if it won’t power on.
  • Press all three buttons to turn on the watch after it has been charged.

Fitbit Ionic Won’t Charge After Factory Reset

You may perform a factory reset if you’ve tried everything else and the Fitbit Ionic still won’t charge. Recent reports from several Fitbit Ionic customers claim that following a factory reset, the device won’t come on.

After doing a factory reset, attempt the following actions if your Fitbit Ionic still won’t switch on.

  • Charge the gadget for an hour.
  • Then, launch the Fitbit app and tap your profile photo.
  • In the new window that appears, tap the Fitbit Ionic under “Devices.”
  • “Sync Now” should be clicked.
  • The gadget is turned on and connects to a smartphone when its state is “syncing.”
  • Afterward, tap the clock face to choose it for your Fitbit Ionic.
  • This will turn your device on if there are no hardware issues.

The Fitbit Ionic won’t turn back on after being switched off? Try this way instead.

This approach has been successful for many others, and you should too. You’ll need to charge the gadget and try again if it still won’t operate.

Contact Fitbit Support

Are you still having charging issues? Your only option right now is to contact Fitbit’s customer care. Call Fitbit’s customer care and explain the situation. They’ll aid in your problem-solving efforts.

We also know that they will want you to attempt the same remedies that they have in the past. You might be able to obtain a discount on a new Fitbit even if your old one is out of warranty. Instead, you can submit a warranty claim and receive a replacement watch.


Although the Fitbit Ionic is a fantastic wristwatch, it does have some drawbacks. Users of Fitbit appear to be having a lot of difficulties with the charging issue. If your Fitbit Ionic won’t charge, how can you fix it?

The solution is simple to ascertain. You ought to get a new watch if your old one is still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Try out the many possibilities listed above in the interim to discover which suits you the best. Users can take advantage of the discount or get in touch with support to find a better solution if their warranty has expired.

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