IPHONE XR Won’t Charge How to fix iPhone XR Not Charging?

If your iPhone XR won’t charge, there are a few things you can try to figure out what’s wrong with your battery and how to fix it.

You’ve had a tough day at work, and now you’re running behind schedule for the party. You are working hard to charge your iPhone so that the battery won’t die on you when you need it most, just as you might need it to record phone numbers or take pictures.

But the truth is that charging your iPhone XR takes too long—at least longer than it does for your friends’ iPhones, which you have seen them do. Let’s examine a few causes and remedies for the iPhone XR not charging or charging too slowly.

How to fix iPhone XR won’t charge problem

Check out the cable

Any charger’s cable is the most prone to damage. Although the cables are designed to withstand a certain amount of flexing and curling, constant use will cause wear and tear, which is essentially inevitable for any charger. Try a different USB cable if you are using one to charge your iPhone XR.

If your phone charges successfully with the new cable, the problem is with the one you are currently using. Check the cable for physical damage if the charger and cable are a single unit.

IPHONE XR Won't Charge

Check your adapter

Numerous users complained that their iPhone XR was charging slowly or not at all. Many consumers came to the conclusion that the charger’s adapter was broken and not the iPhone’s. Since the charger is divided into the adapter and the USB cable, checking the adapter is simple.

There is a chance that repeatedly plugging and unplugging the USB cable from the adapter may have loosened the USB port, which might be the source of the issue.

If your iPhone XR isn’t charging after you plug it in, see if your charger and cord are compatible with other devices. You can use it to determine whether the problem is with the gadget or the charger. You might need to get a new charger if other gadgets charge equally slowly.

Change the charging source

Consider utilizing the wall charger to charge your iPhone XR if you typically use a laptop or a gaming console. This is so that you may charge your iPhone more quickly than you would on a computer.

Another element that is crucial is that different chargers have different power outputs, so if you are using a laptop to charge your iPhone, you might not be able to get the most out of it.

If you are using a third-party adaptor, there is a chance that your iPhone XR may not charge as expected. Official adaptors from Apple are frequently seen to be the finest for the iPhone.

Additionally, if you use a laptop to charge your iPhone XR, experiment with different USB connections. If you switch ports, it might operate better. A power bank is another option.

How clean is your iPhone charging port?

Lint buildup in your iPhone XR’s charging port restricts the port and results in specific connection issues when the phone is connected to a charger or cable. The best technique to clean this region is to gently blow air into the port, which will cause a quick burst of air to sweep the dirt away.

Avoid using anything solid or pointed to probe inside the port as you can wind up doing more harm than good. Doing this on a regular basis will keep the port clear of obstructions.

Restart your iPhone

When your iPhone XR is plugged into the charger and becomes unresponsive, all it needs to do is restart in order to demonstrate that it is charging. When your iPhone XR is plugged in but not charging, turn it off by pressing and holding the Power key, along with one of the volume buttons, until the power off slider appears.

Prior to turning it on once more, wait 30 seconds. When the system crashes, it will fix issues with an unresponsive iPhone that prevents your iPhone XR from charging. After the restart, try to see if the iPhone charges at its typical rate.

Force restart iPhone

A restart might not have been able to fix it, but sometimes a force restart can. When you force restart your iPhone, no data will be lost, so you won’t need to worry about backing up your files. Just take the following actions:

Press the volume up button, then let go. Next, depress the volume down button and then release it. Plug your iPhone into the charger once it restarts to see if it is charging. Your issue is resolved if your iPhone XR starts to charge and the charging rate is normal.

Is your battery at fault?

Your iPhone XR is charging slowly because you are using it while it is doing so. If you use your iPhone while it is charging and perform battery-intensive chores, you can wind up depleting the battery just as quickly as it is charging, which is why your iPhone XR is charging so slowly.

While your iPhone is charging, stay away from battery-sucking games and films.

If you avoid doing these things while your iPhone XR charges at a normal rate, there is likely no serious issue with the device or the charger. To ensure that your iPhone can charge in a normal location, control exercises are necessary.

Calibrate Your iPhone Battery

You can make sure that your iPhone operates correctly, that it displays the correct battery level, and that it does not restrict battery performance by calibrating the battery. The iPhone battery must be totally discharged in order to be calibrated.

The longevity of lithium batteries is adversely impacted when they are fully discharged, thus it is vital to know that this is not a procedure that you should routinely undertake. However, consumers who find that the iPhone XR charges too slowly could find this to be a great solution.

Utilize your iPhone until it turns off on its own. To hasten battery loss, you can turn on the flashlight, increase the brightness, or stream online.
Keep your iPhone idle all night to prevent further battery drain.
Wait for your iPhone to turn on after plugging it in. Use the Apple charger or a charger that has the same power and amperage.
OFF-SET your iPhone.
Give your iPhone five hours to charge without interruption. However, because the iPhone is off, you would not see the charge indicator. So there’s no need to worry; everything is OK.
Turn on your iPhone while it is still attached to the charging wire.
Force restart the iPhone once it has started up.
Do the following now:
Don’t forget to turn up the volume.
To reduce the volume, press the button.
Hold the sleep/wake button down.
Hold on until the Apple logo appears.
Remove the charging cord after your iPhone has started to operate.

The iPhone XR battery displays accurate readings of your device’s battery life once it has been fully calibrated. In the future, you’ll be more aware of how much battery is still in your gadget. Once more, I must remind you that adjusting the battery is not a procedure you should undertake frequently.

Use this as a temporary repair, and if you still experience battery issues, take your iPhone to the Apple Store so a technician can diagnose and resolve the issue.

What to do when my iPhone XR does not charge after water damage?

It doesn’t matter what brand or model your phone or tablet is; chances are, if it gets wet, you can start having issues. Even water-resistant phones are only marginally water-tolerant. Do not immediately attempt to turn on or charge your iPhone if it has come into contact with water.

Most of the iPhone’s internal circuits would still be damp, so you must wait until they are dry before using them to keep your iPhone from breaking down. Use a bag of rice or silica pouches to dry your iPhone.

If you’re using an iPhone cover, take it off. Place your iPhone inside the bag right now, and give it 24 hours to dry. After 24 hours, try charging the iPhone before using it.

If it still doesn’t function, you should take your iPhone to an Apple Store if the water damages the circuit.

How can I change my water-damaged iPhone XR?

If your phone or tablet becomes wet, you may have problems. Even water-resistant phones are hardly waterproof. Do not immediately switch on or charge a wet iPhone.

Most of the iPhone’s internal circuits are still moist, so you must wait till they’re dry to use it. Dry your iPhone with rice or silica packs.

Remove iPhone covers. Give your iPhone 24 hours to dry in the bag. Charge the iPhone after 24 hours.

If it doesn’t work, take it to an Apple Store in case water damages the circuit.

After an update, my iPhone XR charges slowly.

After the iOS 14 update, several iPhone XR users noticed slower charging. Wait for an update to correct this.

My iPhone XR charges slowly compared to my friends’ latest iPhones.

Because the iPhone XR doesn’t support quick charging, it may charge more slowly than other phones. Quick charging speeds up phone charging. While your iPhone XR is charging normally, it may seem sluggish.

Almost all iPhone models can fix the iPhone XR not charging. Fix iPhone charging problems using these remedies. If these solutions don’t work, contact Apple.

If your iPhone XR is still under warranty, you may get it repaired or replaced at no cost at an Apple Store.


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