IPHONE Won’t Charge, iPhone Not Charging How To Fix

iPhones are meticulously designed and manufactured with care. But they still have their problems. One such issue is that the iPhone won’t charge. You don’t have to panic if this happens. There are many solutions that you can use at your own discretion to resolve the problem.

Even for simple tasks like charging, there is a lot of work involved. This guide will examine all the possible causes of iPhone charging problems.

iPhone charging issue?

Is your iPhone not charging? There could be many reasons your iPhone is not charging. One possible culprit could be an uncertified charger, rugged case not supporting Qiwireless charging, or even lint getting into the charging port.

An issue with the charging adapter or software may prevent the phone from charging. Or, there might be an underlying hardware problem. So, we will try all possible solutions to fix the iPhone not charging problem.

IPHONE Won't Charge


Get rid of the gunk in your iPhone’s charging port

The first thing to do is clean the lightning port on your iPhone. You won’t believe it, but debris can get stuck in the port and cause your iPhone to stop charging. You should clean the port often to keep it clean.

You must first turn off your iPhone. Use a toothpick or a normal toothbrush to gently remove the lint. Careful cleaning of the port is important as pins can become damaged.

Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone won’t charge or turn on, and it has less than 5% battery life, you should first turn it off. Then, turn it on again. You can then charge your iPhone for at most half an hour more.

If your device charges properly, you will see a lightning bolt in the status bar. A large battery icon on your lock screen should also appear.

Change the outlet and charger

If the charger is in good condition, try connecting it to a different outlet. Is your device still not charging? Try another charger.

Consider switching to a different outlet.

If your charger seems in good shape, plug it into a different outlet and see if the device charges. Are you still having trouble charging your device? Use another charger.

Check your charging port

Are you still wondering why my iPhone won’t charge? Use a flashlight and inspect your charging port to see if there are any signs of damage. You may find that your iPhone isn’t charging because the port is bent or loose. Next, clean the charging port thoroughly and then plug in your charging cable.

Get the latest iOS update

If your iPhone won’t charge, try updating to the most current iPhone software. Go to Settings >General >Software Update and download the update, if one is available. Recharge your phone for half an hour.

Factory reset your iPhone

If all else fails, you may need to reset your phone factory. This will wipe out all of your saved data so it is best to use it last. Also, make sure to back up first. Follow this guide to restore factory settings to your iPhone.

What to do if your iPhone suddenly stops charging at 85%

Sometimes, your phone will charge but stop when it reaches 80 percent. It’s not likely that this is a problem. Your device could stop charging at 80 percent for several reasons.

  • Your iPhone battery is getting too hot. Recharge your iPhone in a cooler spot.
  • Optimized Battery Charging is available on iPhones running iOS(r), 13 and older. This feature prolongs the life of your iPhone’s battery by limiting how long it takes to charge fully. Your iPhone learns about your daily routine and can tell you when it is time to charge.

We are available to assist you if these steps fail. You can schedule a repair at your nearest uBreakiFix (r) or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions ™ shop and our certified specialists will get your device up and running in no time.

Why Won’t My Phone Charge

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