Check Skype versus Facetime Comparison 2022

Effective communication has significance importance in today’s world. Either you want to talk to friends and family or you want to get connected with the employees of your business, you need a perfect tool that can help you to fulfill your requirements.

In the past, people used to do mails to contact others, but now people prefer to do video chats through video chat platforms. For effective communication, numerous companies have launched their video telephony apps that permit you to place calls from anywhere around the globe.

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Among all these interactive software, two apps have always grasped the attention of the world. These two rivalry apps are widely recognized as Face Time and Skype.

Interestingly, both apps (Face Time and Skype) are designed for the same purpose that authorities their users to get socially active, make audio or video calls, do text messages, make group video calls and much more.

You can easily use these apps on different devices including your smartphones, tablets, desktop, windows, talk watch, iPods and many more.

These video chat apps have made it astoundingly easy for all users to get connected with each other within seconds irrespective of the region, distance or time. They have made it possible for you to enjoy your vacations or focus on your business trip by staying linked with your family, employees or clients. Both apps are extremely portable, customer friendly and manageable.

But still, there are distinctive features which differentiate these apps from one another. In this article, you will get the detail idea of competitive features, level of compatibility, integration, and quality of both Skype and Face Time. This article will let you decide which software suits impeccably according to your needs.


About Skype:

One of the most prevalent and most demanding video conferencing apps is Skype. This app was initially launched in 2003 and after a few years in 2011 Microsoft Company bought it. Microsoft did this deal in $8.5 billion. The basic idea of this software is to allow its users to conduct unlimited video and audio calls.

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In addition to this, Skype also offers its customers service of text messages with fascinating emotion and stickers. Skype has always focused to fulfill its customer’s requirement. Due to its efficient result oriented results, Skype has experienced a huge victory.

With its high definition of audio and video calls, Skype has attracted most of the share of international calls. With all these incredible services, Skype has successfully managed to make its name in different court trial and bulletins.

Compatibility of Skype:

One of the biggest advantages of Skype is, this app works for multiple devices. You do have to remain limited while using this video conferencing app. The offers and services of Skype incorporate all devices including mobile phones, windows, computers, tablets, and other game platform devices.

Due to its vast services and compatibility, Skype has numerous customers of Sony, Play Station, Smartphones, windows, OS X devices, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

Features of Skype

Initially, Skype was designed to offer audio calls option to its customers. But after high demand and changing trends of communication, it later started offering instant messaging and video calls to the world.

Unlike Face Time, Skype is not designed to offer only online video or audio calls. It allows you to call anyone on landline or phone numbers. This feature is really helpful to reach all people where the internet connection is poor or slow.

For online video or audio calls, Skype does charge anything. But if you want to call on an international number, mobile number or landline number, then you have to pay a subscription fee. Skype offers attractive plans to get subscribed for offline calls.

The rates vary depends upon your region and currency. We can consider Skype as an alternative of landline but still, this app cannot act as its replacement. One of the major reason is you cannot do emergency calls through Skype.

To activate Skype, you can use either Wi-Fi internet connection or your cellular network data. To start using Skype, you must have your Microsoft email id or Skype ID. Once you will login to your Skype account, you will find a list contact which is already maintained by the software.

You just have to click on the user you want to call. You can search for any of the desired contacts by writing his or her name in the search bar. You can make a list of your most used contact by adding them in favorites.

During your video call, Skype offers multiple options including mute the call, switch camera, voice-only mode and end the call. Skype also deliver very interactive messaging services to its users.

For privacy, Skype allows you to block or delete the contact. In addition to this, it also permits you to ignore the message request of any use if you do not know him or her.

Integration of Skype

Either you are an OS X user or iOS user; you can access your address books and contacts by using Skype. Skype can forward calls to any number that you want. You can avail this service by purchasing Skype credit. Skype is totally a video conferencing platform that allows users of different devices to get connected by using single software.

Quality of Skype:

Unfortunately, Skype does not offer good quality of audio and video calls. Sometimes, even if you are using high-speed internet, you can still face low resolution and shuttering video calls.

These issues are even more complicated if you try to use Skype during weekends. The actual reason is, Skype is offering its services to all devices and due to the unlimited number of users, people face a quality issue. The good thing is the team of Skype is working to resolve this issue to make clients satisfied.

About Face Time:

Face Time is one of the prominent software that always makes its users happy and satisfied. This video telephony software was launched by Apple in 2011. This software was exclusively designed to make easy for Apple device users including iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Macs to stay interlinked by enjoying the video and audio interactions.

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Face Time is enjoying a big chunk of satisfied clients. According to the survey, more than 70 million OS X users and iOS users are taking the aid of Face Time to talk to other users.

Compatibility of Face Time:

You can only run this software on Apple devices. You must have a Mac or iOS device with forward facing cameras to start your video call through Face Time. Face Time has limited compatibility and it is only accessible for Apple devices. You can start using Face Time if you have any of the following

  • iPad 2 or later,
  • iPhone 4 or later
  • 4th generation iPod or later
  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later

In case your devices do not have an in-built camera, then you must attach an external web camera to start conducting video calls.

Features of Face Time:

Initially, Face Time allows its customers to avail its services by using WiFi network connections only. But with the advancement and evolution of technology, it has permitted its clients to run this app by using data cellular networks as well.

One competitive advantage of Face Time is, unlike Skype, you do not have to go through the process of managing your accounts. Once you start using Face Time, it automatically integrates and synchronizes all the required data of address books and contacts for iOS and OS X users.

Face Time is very easy to use. When you press the button to place your call, you can view various useful options including switch camera, mute the microphone or end your call. Apple does not offer its customers VOIP services that Skype do.

Integration of Face Time:

Apple has an edge to integrate both high-performance software and hardware for video telephony services. Face Time is designed to give results with A-series “system on a chip” and iSight camera. To provide paramount results of video and audio calls, Face Time does not operate with any low bandwidth connections.

Apple has always strived hard to bring the premium quality and remarkable result-oriented apps to its customers. Face Time is also designed with the same philosophy of Apple, you cannot get poor video errors and voice drops during your communication. Face Time has been designed according to the ecosystem of the world of Apple.


Quality Feature of Face Time:

Apple has always emphasized on the quality and excellence of the services that they offer. This is the reason due to which Face Time has good quality than its competitor Skype. Face Time offers high-quality video telephony services based on international standards.

For both video and audio calls, Face Time provides well-defined, uninterrupted, clear sounds and vibrant picture with smooth motion.

This amazing app of Face Time permits you to make our memories beautiful, to stay connected and to convey messages.

The constant and good quality communication is also essential when you have a really important thing to convey, or you want to give your presentation or you want to convince your client with your sale pitch and the list goes on.


Face Time and Skype, both, are incredible apps for conducting video or audio calls. If you are a user of Apple device, and you want to experience the finest quality, then you must use Face Time.

Contrary, if you want to get linked with people outside of the world of Apple devices then Skype is the best definitive choice for you.

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