Simple Way to Use FaceTime on Apple Watch

Read this article which includes complete information about the process of Facetime on Apple Watch. 

FaceTime Audio is an amazing method of communicating with other Apple device users because of the clear and stable nature of the conversation. It’s not restricted to only your iPhone and iPad. You can also make phone calls using FaceTime from the Apple Watch, as well. No matter if you’re using Siri or using the Phone application, making the call on a FaceTime call is a breeze.

How do you make Facetime calls with Siri on the Apple Watch

  • “Hello Siri” or ” Hello Siri” Press and hold to the Digital Crown, or tap the Siri device to use this on your Siri face of your watch.
  • The State ” FaceTime (contact’s name)“.
  • You Apple Watch will presently continue to make calls to your contact using the FaceTime audio.
  • Enjoy your call.

Simple Way to Use FaceTime on Apple Watch

FaceTime on Apple Watch

How do I make a Facetime call using the Phone App on Apple Watch

  • Start the Phone app for Your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Contacts.
  • Click on the Phone symbol.
  • Tap FaceTime Audio.
  • Enjoy your call.


This article provides full details on the procedure to use Facetime using Apple Watch. Follow the instructions to make use of Facetime using Apple Watchusing Siri or Apple App.

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