How To Download FaceTime for Windows

Download Facetime for Windows Pc and Laptop 32bit – 64bit

Hello Facetime Addicted! If you are a big fan of the Facetime app and have been using it on your iPhone and MacBook, you may also find this app on your window pc.

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Somehow you need to follow some tricks to download and install Facetime on your Window pc.

So This article provides all the necessary information which will teach how you can download and install Facetime on Non-iOS platforms such as Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

FaceTime is one of the most prominent of Apple’s video and audio calling apps. In the past, people used to get connected with the help of traditional phones or handsets, but FaceTime has tremendously changed this trend. Now people can conveniently do phone calls, messages, and even video calls with the help of this Facetime app.

Click Here To Download Facetime app for Apple device

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This allows your phone to get connected to others via a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. It will enable users to make unlimited video calls to their friends, family, and business contacts with a supported iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows via online videotelephony.

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This app has amazingly decreased the distances among people and make it extremely easy to remain in touch with your personal and professional lives.

Initially, Apple developed the application for its IOS and Mac os devices, and later on, due to its popularity, it is now available for windows as well.

But to have this app on your window you need third-party installation. In this article, we will be sharing the stepwise installation of this application to be utilized in windows.

If you wish to know about it further, please continue reading our article. We will also be sharing some informative and interesting data regarding this application.

By the end of this article, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Facetime app on your windows.

Application for Windows

FaceTime is becoming one of the coolest video calling apps on online video telephony and has ruled out all other giant competitors like Google Duo, Skype, WhatsApp, IMO, Bingo, and the list. The app justified it is worth providing high quality and consistent visual and audio results.

Another competitive feature of this app is it has a user-friendly interface. Others soft wares in market software are unable to provide that bandwidth.

Third-party companies released software to make it possible for everyone to install Apple’s official application on Windows 7 or later. Now, it is possible for you to FaceTime from windows to iPhone, windows to iPad, windows to Mac & windows to windows.

All that you need is a consistent internet connection and the application is totally free of cost to use on windows.

FaceTime Features

FaceTime app is superior to all other videotelephony software as described above. Images are much sharper and high-definition visuals are a charm to substitute all other options available on the online market.

Some of the Coolest Features of FaceTime

  • FHD- Full high Definition visual is the key component of the application.
  • A friendly user interface makes it more interactive for the users
  • Usage is boundless means you can connect anywhere and anytime. 
  • Easy to organize your contact list 
  • Favorite list of your contacts helps you reach in just a single click
  • Free of cost calling is another plus point of staying connected.
  • Group video calling enables you to communicate with multiple users at the same time.
  • Texting is also possible with the application.
  • Spammers and unimportant users can be hidden or blocked from the list.
  • Users can connect different devices like PC, Windows, iPhones, iPad, iPods, Mac.

Requirements for FaceTime

These are such an attraction that we are sure that our readers would love to experience the application. It is essential to understand the basic requirements before installing a FaceTime app for windows. The basic requirements include

  • Your windows version should be at least XP. For a better experience, we would suggest that you should have windows & or later versions.
  • The CPU speed must be higher than 1GHz.
  • The RAM should be a minimum of 2 GB or above.
  • There should be a supported built-in camera for video calling or else find a portable supported camera for this purpose.
  • For audio calling, you must have a microphone. Privacy concerned users should use headphones with built-in microphones.
  • The most important is to have decent internet connectivity.


As mentioned earlier that FaceTime is an official app of Apple and the developers have not yet released any version for windows only.

So you can only get this application from the official website in APK format used for all IOS and Mac devices. Fortunately for Windows, we have some programs available online to install it through third-party programs.

Let us share with our readers here step by step downloading procedures here:

Android emulators have been released by third-party developers to install different formats. These applications software allows you to run APK format files of FaceTime on your windows.

If it is already installed on your system, just follow the procedure. For the newbies, please download BLUESTACKS from the given link:


Download and Install FaceTime on Windows or PC Using Bluestacks

The procedure and software are totally legal so sit back and relax.

facetime for windows image

  • download Bluestacks from their official website 
  • The file size is large of approx. 469MB and it will take a while to get downloaded.
  • After it is downloaded, install it and once it is done, restart your windows.
  • Then Open bluestacks application from the start menu. It will take time to initiate the first environment and sync default apps provided by the program. So do not interrupt the initial process.
  • Once the program starts, go to the menu and click on play store applications.
  • In the play store, find FaceTime in the search option.
  • Download the app and click on “run” to directly install the application. You can also save the download file if you wish to install it later.
  • When you are ready to install the application on your system and follow the instructions.
  • During the installation process, you may be prompted for administrator rights or administrator password or confirmation. Please type the required password or information inquired.
  • Finally, FaceTime is ready to use on your windows.
  • Create your own user Id and password and the same will be used whenever you would like to log in.


FaceTime alternative for Windows


Download FaceTime for Windows

Skype is a well-known alternative to FaceTime. It offers a calling facility with one-on-one and group calls with up to 100 other skype users. Moreover, you will get file sharing and additional collaboration facilities with team messaging in their paid version.

Skype is the first choice for video conferencing and team messaging.


Google Duo

FaceTime alternative for Windows

Google Duo is entirely free for Android and iOS devices, and it offers a calling facility with one-on-one Calls or group chats with up to 32 Google DUO users,

Talking about the features of Google DUO, it provides video messages, fun animations, and filters, etc. Does not need a Google account to use it.

Facebook Messenger

FaceTime alternative for Windows 10


Facebook Messenger is A Very Popular Video Calling App, and Facebook Messenger is capable of doing audio and video calls or group video meetings,

Facebook Messenger is freely available for both IOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can share voice messages, audio, videos, and photos.

It is so popular that most employees and customers are already part of Facebook; this is the most popular FaceTime alternative.


Download FaceTime for Windows

WhatsApp is the other most popular messaging app and freely available at the App Store and Play Store. With the help of this app, we can send or receive video, audio, photos, and written messages.

The group chats on WhatsApp can contain 256 participants, and 8 people can be accommodated in video calls. This app is a popular alternative to FaceTime.


Download FaceTime for Windows 10

Zoom is a modern business video communications with a simple, secure cloud platform for video, audio conferencing, webinars, and chat.

Zoom is supernatural and easy to use, and it is available for both IOS and Playstore. To use, you just need to download it, click to open, and you’re in

Facetime for Chrome

If you want to use the Facetime app in your Chrome browser, there is good news for you.
Facetime extension is available on the chrome web store,

Additional Information

  • Version – 0.1.1
  • Updated – February 18, 2021
  • Size – 41.08KiB
  • Language – English

FaceTime login

To use the FaceTime application, you need to log in with your Apple ID and password.
If you do not have an Apple ID and password or have forgotten, you can create a new one from the Apple ID account website.

To login to the FaceTime application

  • Open the FaceTime app
  • enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Click Next
  • That’s all


FaceTime Interface

When you will run the app for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the user Id and password. As you have already created your own unique user ID and password, it will be required here to further run the program. Once the initial unique ID creation process is done, the main interface will be displayed.

All the contacts added, hidden, or blocked are controlled from the main interface. Go to the preferences set to customize it as per your requirements. Like iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac, you can also play the display setting. Here you do not have to rotate the screen thou but you can make some changes to the available options.

If you are using FaceTime for the first time and wanted to know about it more, you can also visit their support website for some detailed information. The link is given below:



Globalization has helped people around the world for more exposure and advancements. FaceTime is not about grabbing a beer or mug and share it live with your friends and family only.

It has massively helped the international market to stay connected with each other.

Apple is constantly releasing new versions of FaceTime for better results and especially catering user’s requirements.


How do I install FaceTime on my Windows computer?

Unfortunately, FaceTime is only available for Mac and iOS devices, but if you want to use FaceTime in Windows or Android, There is good news for you.

You can download FaceTime for Windows or PC by following these simple steps.

To use FaceTime for Windows or PC, You have to use the emulator.

  1. first, download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  2. Then Download FaceTime APK
  3. And install FaceTime from BlueStacks to your PC
  4. that’s all

Can I download FaceTime on my Windows laptop?

No, you can not use FaceTime for Windows laptops; this app is only available for MAC and iOS devices. If you want to use FaceTime for Windows laptops, you can use Emulator.

Is FaceTime for Windows safe?

The FaceTime app is for macOS and iOS, but with the help of the Bluestacks emulator, you can safely use FaceTime for Windows.

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