How To Use Skype on Android Device

Microsoft is recognized as one of the utmost customer-oriented software company. It has always launched programs that can bring ease and convenience to its users. To stay connected with the world, to do text messages and to conduct video or audio calls, Microsoft has designed its tremendous official app widely known as Skype for its Android users.

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According to the survey, more than 250 million users are using Skype as a tool for their communication. And the number of users is increasing with each passing day due to its efficient performance. This app by Microsoft enables you to interconnect with any of the users using Skype. You just need a good internet connection or a cellular data to enter in the world of interactions of Skype.

Your android phones can let you talk to anyone you want but with the help of Skype, you can also video interactions with other users. This special app is a revolutionize addition for Android users. If you want to the complete guide of Skype for Android users, its process and usage, its remarkable features and competitive edge then keep reading this helpful article.


Downloading Skype for Android

You can effortlessly get this notable Skype app on your android devices by following simple steps

  • Go to play store on your android devices and search for Skype or Download from the link given HERE.
  • Click on the Install button for downloading and installation of Skype.

skype for android image


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  • Once you have installed your app, now click and get registered in the app
  • You are required to enter your email account and password.

Create skype account image

  • You can use the existing account but if you do not have then you make a new one.
  • Choose your Skype Name, which is used as your Skype ID to start calling.

Skype Login Interface:

Add Contacts & Make Call

For adding contacts on Skype, you will see a panel that shows all the users who are already using Skype and are linked to your e-mail account. Another way is you can message or e-mail anyone who is using Skype and can add their Skype ID to start calling each other.

allow calling image

You can add any contact by selecting Add people on the main menu of Skype. You can also add the required users by simply writing its Skype username and then clicking on add to contacts. In addition to this, you can also make a list of your most used contact by adding them into your Add to favorite’s features. You can also block or remove contact for your privacy and security issues.


Features of Skype:

Skype by Microsoft is serving its customers with the unique motive that states say Hi to everyone around the world.

skype feature image

The idea behind is to decrease the distance and make it stress-free for the people to remain linked. This is extremely beneficial to stay connected with your family and your organizations when you cannot physically contact them.

Skype has a huge list of satisfied customers. On a daily basis, millions of people use Skype to chat or call other people. Skype is offering distinctive features including.

High-Quality Video & Audio Calls:

Skype is sensibly designed to give the utmost high-quality video and audio calls results to its customers. You can experience crystal clear video and audio calls all over the world.

The best part is, Skype gives its optimum quality results both for one to one calls or group calls. You must make sure that you are using a good internet connection to avoid any interruptions in your video or audio calls.

Screen Sharing on Skype

This is a very useful feature offered by Skype. With the help of screen sharing, you can conveniently share your presentations, pictures, documents or anything during a call.

This is enormously beneficial for the corporate world. Employees can share their important files or documents, show presentation, project details, conduct analysis, client’s requirements and also can resolve issues during their calls.


If you want to hide your chat or calls for any security or personal reasons, then you can do this easily through Skype. This app enables to have a private conversation with end to the end encryption process.

Record your calls:

Skype also allows you to record your video or audio calls. This is useful when you want to record any precious message or moment. It also aids in learning and noting down the points that you missed in during your calls.

This feature also works for the corporate world, if you want to listen to your instructor or boss guidelines again, you can do it easily by watching the recording of your calls.

Competitive Edge of Skype:

Skype has been serving its customers for more than 10 years. Microsoft who is a giant in this competitive market has manufactured this video telephone app that serves more features which other competitors like face time, Google duo, etc. are not delivering. This is the reason that this app is one of the most used apps all over the world. The prominent competitive feature includes

Skype for all devices:

Basically, Skype is designed for an android user including Android mobile phones, Android tablets, and other Android apps. But the interesting part is Skype can also be used on all other products as well including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Blackberry, and all Apple tablets and smartphones. If you have any device you just have to download Skype and can enjoy one of the most interactive video telephony apps.

Skype for both online and offline calls

Another competitive element of this ultimate Skype app is you cannot only call people who are online but can also call to get connected with people who do not have an internet connection. Skype is proposing this premium offers to its users to do call on mobile numbers and landline numbers.

For typical online calls, you do not have to pay anything. All you need is your internet connection to place a call. But for calling on phone numbers or landline numbers, Skype charges a very economical subscription to its users. Other prominent benefits of Skype for its users are

  • You can place calls to your family, colleagues or friends anywhere around the globe. Skype is offering extremely cost-effective calling plan for different countries all over the world.
  • In addition to Android users, these features are applicable to every device including desktop, iPhone, Xbox, OSX and many more
  • Skype allows its customers numerous methods to pay for the subscriptions including Visa, Master card, JCB, PayPal, Retail, Apple In-App Purchase, American express, Western Union and many more
  • The process is very easy. You just have to pay for the subscription, and then download the Skype app and start calling with the best video telephony software.

Call On Landlines & Mobile Phone Numbers With Skype:

  • To make Skype-to-landline calls on Skype using your android phone you will need Skype credit.
  • Click on the Skype credit link to add Skype credit to your account.

Skype to landline calls image


  • If you don’t have Skype credit and you are trying to make a Skype-to-landline call, Skype will send you a pop-up to top-up your account. 
  • You can either get a monthly Skype subscription or you can top-up using one-off payments.
  • Set up a monthly subscription, if Skype is used for your daily international calls. You will need a debit card for the subscription process. 

skype credit image


  • Choose the amount of Skype credit you would like to add and click on ‘Continue’.

add skype credit image


  • Click on the empty boxes and start filling in your billing details registered to your debit card.

skype enable billing address


  • Purchase your credit and you are ready to use the Skype.
  • Now you have bought some Skype credit you can start calling landline numbers or mobile phones.
  • To start, click on the phone icon as shown below in the image.


skype home calling image

  • Dial the number you want to talk with adding the code of the respective countries and Click on Call Button.
  • Hang up when you are done with your call.
  • To add a landline number Click on ‘Add number’ then enter the landline number you wish to add to your list. 
  • You can purchase your own Skype number for a small fee which is useful for anyone to call you on who is not already on Skype. 

Hoping that you have installed the Skype app successfully. If you are facing any trouble, drop your issue in the comment box. Your queries will be solved as soon as possible. Follow all the steps keeping patience, you will surely be able to use Skype very easily. 

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