How To Use Skype on Android Device

Microsoft is regarded as a top client-focused software companies. It has consistently launched applications that provide comfort and ease to its customers. To keep in touch with the world, send texts and make audio or video calls, Microsoft has created its incredibly official app , widely referred to by the name Skype specifically for Android users.

According to the study that more than 250 million people use Skype to aid in their communications. The number of Skype users is growing day by day because of its effective performance. This application from Microsoft lets you connect with anyone via Skype. You only need an internet connection or mobile data plan to get into the world of interaction with Skype.

Android phones allow you to talk to anyone you like, however, with the help of Skype you can also have video calls with other users. Skype is a revolutionary enhancement to Android users. If you’re looking for get the entire guide to Skype to Android users, its procedure and use, as well as its amazing features and competitive edge , continue reading this informative article.


Skype for APK Specifications

Name Skype
App Version
Category video calls
Installations 1,000,000,000+
Release Date 4 Oct 2010
Last Update 28 May 2024
License Type Free
Download App Skype APK


Downloading Skype for Android

It is easy to install this renowned Skype application on Android devices following a few easy steps

  • Visit the Play Store on your Android devices and then search the search option to Skype and download by clicking the link here.
  • Click the Install button to download and install of Skype.

  • After you have installed your app, click to register to be registered in the app.
  • You will be required to sign in with your email address as well as a the password.

  • You are able to use your already-existing account however if you do not have one, then create new one. new account.
  • Select your Skype name that will be used for you Skype ID to begin calling.

Skype Login Interface:

Add Contacts & Make Call

To add contacts to Skype there is an area that displays all Skype users that are using Skype and have been linked to your email account. Another method is to contact or e-mail anyone that uses Skype and connect to their Skype ID so that you can start making calls with each other.

It is possible to add any contacts by clicking Add People from the main menu in Skype. You can also add required users by typing your Skype username, and then clicking Add to Contacts. Furthermore you can also create the list of your top frequent contacts by adding them to your Add to Favorites’ features. You can also choose to block or delete contacts to protect your security and privacy concerns.

Features of Skype:

Skype from Microsoft provides its users with a unique purpose that is to say “Hello” to everyone in the world.

The concept behind this is to reduce the distance, and to help people to stay connected. This is an extremely useful way to keep in touch with your family members and even your business in the event that you are not able to physically reach them physically.

Skype has a large number of happy customers. Every day millions of users use Skype to talk or call other users. Skype offers unique features like.

High-Quality Video & Audio Calls:

Skype is designed with care to deliver the best quality audio and video call results to its users. You will be able to enjoy the highest quality audio and video calls from all over the world.

The greatest benefit is that Skype offers the highest quality results for one-to-one calls and group conversations. Make sure you have a high-quality internet connection in order to avoid interruptions to the audio or video calls.

Screen Sharing on Skype

It is a useful feature that is offered by Skype. By using the screen sharing feature, users can easily present your slides, presentations documents, or any other information in a conversation.

This is extremely beneficial to the business world. Employees are able to share important documents or files to show presentations, information about the project, conduct an analyses, analyze client’s needs and can also resolve issues through their conversations.


If you’d like to keep your conversations or calls due to reasons of privacy or security it is possible to do it easily with Skype. Skype allows you to enjoy an intimate conversation, with an complete encryption.

Capture your conversations:

Skype also lets you record your audio or video calls. This is helpful for recording every precious moment or message. It can also help in understanding and jotting down any important details you did not get in your phone calls.

This feature can also be used in those working in the corporate world. If you’re looking to listen to the instructions of your boss or instructor in a different way You can do this quickly by watching the recordings of your phone calls.

Competitive Edge of Skype:

Skype has been providing its users for over 10 years. Microsoft which is a major player in the market is created this video phone application with more features that other competitors such as facetime, Google duo, etc. don’t offer. This is the reason why this app is among the most popular apps across the globe. One of the most prominent features is competitive.

Skype is available for every device:

It is essentially, Skype is designed for users of Android, including Android smartphones, Android tablets, and other Android applications. However, the most interesting thing is that Skype can be used with other products too, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Blackberry, and all Apple phones and tablets. If you own any device you can install Skype and enjoy some of the best engaging video telephony applications.

Skype for calls both calls made online and offline

Another feature that makes this superior Skype application is that it allows you to not just call people online, but also to connect with those who don’t have internet access. Skype offers this premium service to its users to call landline and mobile numbers.

For normal online calls you don’t have to pay any fees. All you require is an internet connection to make an call. For calling landline or phone numbers, Skype charges a very inexpensive subscription for its users. Other notable advantages that Skype offers are Skype for its customers are

  • It is possible to make calls to family members friends, colleagues, or colleagues from all over the world. Skype provides a very affordable calling plans to different nations all over the world.
  • Apart from Android users these features can be applied to all devices, including desktops, iPhone, Xbox, OSX and more.
  • Skype provides its users with a variety of ways to pay for their subscription, including Visa MasterCard, Visa JCB, PayPal, Retail App Purchase, American express, Western Union and many more
  • The process is simple. All you need to do is pay for the subscription and after that, install the Skype application and begin calling using the most effective video telephony application.

Call On Landlines & Mobile Phone Numbers With Skype:

  • To make calls from Skype to landline using Skype using an Android phone, you’ll need Skype credit.
  • Hit the Skype credit linkto add Skype credit to your account.

  • If you do not already have Skype credit and want to make a call using Skype to landline, Skype will send you an email to add credit to your account.
  • You can choose to purchase an annual Skype subscription, or top-up with one-off payment.
  • Create an annual subscription in the event that Skype is being used for your regular international calls. You’ll need an account with a debit card to complete the subscription procedure.

  • Select your amount Skype credit you wish to add to your account and select Continue’.

  • Simply click on boxes that are emptyand begin by filling in the details of your bill associated with your debit account.

  • Buy your credit and you’re now in a position to utilize Skype.
  • After you’ve bought some Skype credit, you can begin calling landline or mobile phones.
  • To begin, click on the phone iconas as shown in the image below.

  • Call the number you wish to talk to, then add the code for each of the countries, and Press the”Call” Button.
  • You can hang up when you’re finished on your phone.
  • Add a Landline phone number click on ‘Add Number’then enter the number of the landline you want to include to the list.
  • You can buy an individual Skype phone number at a nominal cost that is helpful to anyone who isn’t registered on Skype.

We hope that you have installed the Skype app with no issues. If you encounter any difficulties, post your question in the comments box. Your questions will be addressed within the shortest possible time. If you follow the steps in your eyes open, and you’ll be able to utilize Skype quickly.

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