Face Time is an incredible app developed by Apple Inc. This video telephony app has made it incredibly easy to connect with other users by using audio or video calls. This amazing Face Time app is incorporated on all devices running IOS as well as on Macintosh machines running Mac OS X 10.6.6 ne mäs ya'bu̲.

This app was initially designed to be used by iPhone 4 users but now due to its huge growth, it is now an integral feature on all Apple devices, including the iPhone, Ipad, Mac, ne iPod touch.

Communication is a vital element of our lives today and it is now possible to utilize Facebook Time on your Mac to keep in contact with your professional or personal relationships.

facetime for mac

Ja ir Mac, Ho̲ntho t'ot'e ár conexión ma Internet wa datos celulares ne gem'bu̲ to ñä hingi hembi da ko yá contactos ko 'nar Honto clic. Nuna nt'ot'e competitiva ar Face Time xi 'yo̲t'e tsa̲ ga ñähu̲ ir meni wa mpädi Mente gi 'nar viaje, tsa̲ da zeti jar contacto ko yá empleados, tsa̲ da uni presentaciones, Ñö ko yá clientes ne ya nthuts'i continúa.

Ar nä'ä ngäts'i, Creativo, Majwäni, dets'e intuitiva ne mahyoni da llamadas vídeo wa ya audio ne ya permanecer vinculado ko ya contactos jar ximha̲i ya dispositivos Apple. Nuna ar Nthuts'i bí permitirá t'ode ya características básicas descarga, njapu'befi ne ma'ra componentes ar pa hmi pa ár Mac.


Descargar Face Time pa Mac OS:

Pa ga Face Time ja ir Mac, ar ho̲ntho nt'ot'e ar pocos ar clics. Face Time ge 'nar nt'ot'e integrada ir Mac. Ga̲tho ya últimas versiones ar Mac ya pe̲ts'i Face Time preinstalado.

Nga̲tho nä'ä gi pe̲ts'i da 'yo̲t'e ar simplemente añadir ir 'bede ya iPhone ne ya ID ar correo electrónico Apple ne tsa̲ za̲mu̲hño 'na ya dispositivos telefonía video mäs mextha hño ja ir Mac. Pe agregar hingi hembi da contactos ya usuarios utilizando dispositivos Apple, incluido Mac, Iphones, Ipad, iPod, etcetera. Dar tsa̲ ga ir correo electrónico Apple ID komongu identificador llamadas pa gi nkät'i jar contacto ko ya usuarios jar ximha̲i Apple.

da du'mi ya sesión jar ar tsita facetime

Nu'bu da hingi pe̲ts'i 'nar nt'ot'e Facetime jar compilación ja ir Mac, simplemente dar tsa̲ gi descargar bí visitando ar Mac App Store. Da zu̲di ar Mac App Store, Gi ga tso̲kwa menu Mac OS X 10.6 wa mäs xi ngu wa mäs xi ngu.

Pasos pa instalar FaceTime ya Mac Apple Store:

  • Dá descubrir Facetime app escribiendo Facetime jar barra xí nthoni de̲nda ar Apple Mac jar nju̲ts'i wa o̲t'e clic Hmunts'i Nuwa.

descargar facetime pa ar tsita Mac

  • Gi hyoki ya clic jar botón ta̲i pa da Dar ta̲i nt'ot'e FaceTime pa ir Mac.
  • Introduce ir Apple ID pa ta̲i nuna ar software
  • Ar costo ar instalar ár nt'ot'e FaceTime ar ho̲ntho pa $0.99

Mahyoni entender, da face time da instalarás ndezu̲ Mac App Store ge 'nar versión 'be̲t'o. Ar ngäts'i versión Facetime xi disponible jar Mac OS X 10.6 wa mäs xi ngu wa mäs xi ngu. Ar recomienda descargar FaceTime Honto nu'bu xi utilizando 'nar versión 'be̲t'o Mac.

Mbi pe̲ts'i instalado wa da hyoni software hmi hmi ja ir Mac, ar tsa̲ da 'yo̲t'e ilimitados videos wa audio llamadas ga̲tho ya jä'i ko dispositivos Apple.

Componentes significativos pa Facetime jar Mac:

  • It is either a Mac running Mac OS or you are running Mac OS X 10.6 or greater.
  • All contacts you intend to use for audio or video calls must be using Apple I Devices or they have to be using a Mac.
  • It is interesting to note that you can take advantage of Face Time audio in your Mac together with users with Apple Watch.
  • Be sure you be connected to a fast and reliable internet connection, so you can stream high-quality audio or video conversations with no interruptions.

facetime jar ar tsita Mac

  • You will need to sign up for an Apple ID to start using this application.

Tema configurar FaceTime jar Mac:

Follow the steps below to begin connecting via Facebook Time and other Face Time users.

  • Gem'bu̲, start first, lanza ir software Face Time ja ir Mac. It is possible to do this either installing the software on your Mac or installing Face Time via the Mac the App Store

configurar facetime pa ar tsita Mac

  • You can enter your present Apple account Ne, if you do not have an Apple ID, you are able to make 'Nar.
  • Completion of all Confirmación Proceso
  • You can confirm your details through a link to you Correo electrónico or by obtaining the verification Código at the telephone number.
  • After verification, you will need to include telephone number along with email addresses of all other contacts for the first FaceTime call.
  • The program will ask you for whether you prefer to call using audio or video call. You can select the option you’d like to make to other users.
  • Include the information of other users such as e-mail address, name, or telephone number. It is as easy as typing this information into the bar for searching.
  • Gem'bu̲, press the phone or camera for a call of high quality using the unbeatable app of Face Time.

Notificación FaceTime & Características jar Mac:

  • If you’d like to get connected with other Apple users, or get a call and not able to identify the number of your I Phone or I Pad or I Pad, you can make use of your Mac to answer the call.
  • 'Nehe, if you’re on the phone in the middle of a conversation and you want to alter any setting, then move your mouse to click on any of the choices
      • It is possible to mute the mic or remove it.
      • You can toggle the video off and on according to your preference.
      • It is possible to resize screens to view a clearer image
      • You can call off your phone anytime you’d like
  • If you’d like to change the settings for Face Time on your Mac it is easy to change it by opening the Apple menu and then going to the preferences for your system, then click on notifications. A new window will open as follows:

The settings for notifications in FaceTime are:

  • You can easily turn on and off any feature you want. You can alter the tone of notifications and app icons, notifications updates and many more.
  • Another interesting feature is that you can join group calls using group Facetime video or audio calls. The maximum number of contacts is 32 and can be used to make group calls. This is extremely beneficial for organizations, employees as well as companies. It allows them to connect customers and employees all over the world in only one click.

This article provides details on how to setup and use FaceTime on mac. I hope that the article has been helpful to users and you have gained valuable information from this piece. Should you be having any queries or concerns, feel free to share them in the comments below, and do share it with your family and friends.

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