How To Use FaceTime On Your Android Or PC Windows

FaceTime On Your Android Or PC Windows: FaceTime allows you to video chat with iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. FaceTime is easy to use if you own one of these Apple devices.

Android users cannot download FaceTime or make their FaceTime calls. With the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey, everyone can join a FaceTime chat — even an Android phone.

This article will show you how to send a FaceTime invitation from an Apple device and join the FaceTime call on either your Android phone or Windows PC.

What is Facetime?

Facetime has been rated the best videotelephony application. Facetime was launched exclusively by Apple Inc. It’s available for iOS 4 and higher devices and works with Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Facetime offers audio-only functionality, which can be used in iOS 7 or later.

Facetime is available for all iOS and Mac devices free of charge. The Facetime app is free to download and use.

FaceTime On Your Android Or PC Windows

join to FaceTime call Android with PC

Android and Windows users can still make FaceTime calls. However, as long as you have Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can join other calls.

Quick Tip: Google Chrome is pre-installed on most Android phones, and Microsoft Edge is pre-installed on all Windows PCs.

To start FaceTime, the first thing you need to do is connect to your Apple device. They will need:

1. Open FaceTime on the Apple device, and select Create Link from the top.

2. The pop-up will ask the Apple user to choose how they would like to share the link: via Messages or Mail, Snapchat, AirDrop, or another app. The link is the same regardless of the method used.

3. After receiving the link to from Android or Windows, users need to open it with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

4. Let the Android or Windows user type their name and hit.

5. After logging in, the Android or Windows user should click the green Join link in the floating window. FaceTime may also require permission for the user to use their microphone or camera.

6. Apple users should accept their request to join.

7. After both parties enter the call, they will see the same options: turn off, hide, or show their camera and leave the ring.

How Does FaceTime Work on Windows?

Apple’s strategy to attract Windows users, or a forced decision against solid competition from video conferencing apps like Zoom, and Google Meet, is what the Cupertino company has done.

Apple has placed some restrictions on FaceTime for Windows, even though it is a significant move.

Many of you may be asking how you can install FaceTime on Windows. The answer is no. Apple’s video-calling app is only available through a browser for Android and Windows, and the video-calling app supports only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows.

To get started with FaceTime, you will need to first ask a friend with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to create a meeting link and then share it with your friend.

You cannot generate a FaceTime invite on your Windows device, and you can only join a meeting if you have the link.

FaceTime for Windows, unfortunately, doesn’t support’s much-talked-about SharePlay feature. This means you won’t be able to join a FaceTime video chat to watch movies with your friends or listen to Apple Music.

FaceTime for Windows allows you to join a meeting via a link, and it also offers basic controls such as the ability to enable/ disable video and mute/unmute audio.

The only thing that is better than these restrictions is that you can now connect with Apple device owners via FaceTime from your Windows computer. To communicate with Apple device owners, you don’t need an Apple ID account.

How to Use FaceTime on Your PC Windows 7,8,10?

Note: We use a Windows 10 computer to demonstrate how FaceTime works on Windows. However, the process is the same for Windows 11 as older-gen Windows 8 or Windows 7 OS.

After receiving a FaceTime link, you will be able to join FaceTime on your Windows device within a few steps. Follow the below guide:

1. Click on the FaceTime link to get started.

2. Enter your name into the FaceTime web experience, and hit Continue.

3. Next, you will be asked to grant microphone and camera permissions to the website. The message says wants your microphone and camera. Click on “Allow” to let FaceTime access your camera and microphone from your Windows PC.

4. Next, click on the “Join” button to ask the host to allow you to join the video call.

5. A “Waiting for permission” prompt should appear. This indicates that the host has requested you to join the conversation.

Well, that’s it. Once you have been allowed in, FaceTime will allow you to communicate with your friends on your Windows computer via FaceTime. You can click the red “Leave” button to leave the meeting.

Customize FaceTime Controls on Windows

FaceTime offers basic internet controls that Windows users can access to improve communication. Let me show you how to fine-tune these controls.

Click on Full Screen: To maximize FaceTime during the call, click the maximize button. To minimize the FaceTime window, you can click this button again.

Mute FaceTime Audio: Use the microphone button to muffle/unmute audio from your Windows PC.

Switch On/Off Video: Click the video icon to disable/enable video during a conference call.

Enable/Disable Grid Layout: To make everyone in FaceTime appear in the grid view, click on the three-dot button from the control center. To enable or disable the grid view, click the ” Grid layout” icon. To return to Facetime, click ” Done.”

Notice: FaceTime meeting links can be shared while you are on the call. Click on the button with three dots and select “Share Link” option Share the link with your contacts.

Add FaceTime Bookmark to Google Chrome on Windows PC

For easy access to FaceTime with colleagues or friends, I recommend adding a FaceTime bookmark in Google Chrome.

You won’t need to go through old emails and conversation threads looking for a meeting link, and you don’t need to create a new connection for every meeting. You can start a discussion with a few clicks by having the FaceTime bookmark available.

Although I don’t know how long a FaceTime link will remain valid, I can confirm it remains active for several days. While testing the feature, I could use a FaceTime link that had been two weeks old to connect with my Android friends. It’s a brilliant idea to bookmark the FaceTime URL.

1. Open the FaceTime URL in Google Chrome. Click the star icon at the top-right corner of the address line. Select ” Add bookmark” after that.

2. You can now customize the bookmark to suit your needs. Change the name of your bookmark to FaceTime to make it easier to find at all times.

Notice: Adding a website in Microsoft Edge to your favorites is easy. Open the FaceTime link in Microsoft Edge and click the “Add this Webpage to Favorites” button Next, change the name of your favorite and click “Done.”


The methods above show how you can use Facetime to communicate on Android or Windows.

In the past, Facetime was a complete application available only to Apple users could use. Since the release of iOS 15, Android and Windows users can make use of the features provided by Facetime and even be a participant in Facetime calls. This has led to the usage and popularity of Facetime has increased to an enormous degree.


Can you FaceTime on Android and Windows?

Android and Windows users will be able to access Apple FaceTime calls in the autumn. Apple announced that everyone who is a member of the Apple family-including Android and Windows users -will soon be eligible to participate in FaceTime calls.

Can you put FaceTime on a Windows PC?

FaceTime for PC is now available from the Chrome web store. Simply install it and find out how to utilize FaceTime on your PC. FaceTime is a highly advanced app that runs on iPhones as well as iPads as well as other iOS devices. It runs on the Wi-Fi or cell phone network. This means that there is no cost for the use of the service.

Can you FaceTime on Android computer?

FaceTime is now available to everyone. In iOS 15 out, Apple is giving Android as well as PC-based users to join involved in this FaceTime game. The update to the operating system to be available in the autumn will allow you to schedule and then send a FaceTime URL to any person you’d want to have a video conversation with without an iPhone required.

Can you FaceTime on Google Chrome?

Are you using a Chromebook and would like to be able to use video chat with a Facebook friend? There is no need to install or download any plug-ins now that Facebook video support is available through WebRTC. Instead, you just need to give your computer access to both your camera and mic in order to chat away.

Can you download FaceTime on Android?

However, there’s no way for Android users to download the FaceTime application or initiate personal FaceTime calls. With the introduction of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 as well as macOS 12 Monterey, anyone can join any FaceTime call even via using an Android phone.

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