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Apple has always brought the best for its customers. It has continuously emphasis to launch those apps or software that can bring happiness and convenience to its customers. The impact of social media has enormously amplified.

All people are looking to remain connected with one another. For this purpose, Apple specially designed a wonderful videotelephony service known as FaceTime for its users.

This app is exclusively designed for all Apple users using iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad. Among all other devices of Apple, people love to use the iPad. Its wider screen and the good quality result allow customers to enjoy its features and apps remarkably as compared to other devices.

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You can use FaceTime on iPad to have a wider view of your video call. This article will tell you in-depth the significance, downloading, installation, usage, and features of Face Time for iPad.

FaceTime is an amazing video and audio calling app that is initially created for iPhone4, but higher demand compelled Apple to make it available for iPad users as well. iPad offers you various features but one of the most attractive features is that you can easily place video or audio calls through FaceTime.

You can use Face Time to get interconnected with another user who has an iPad with MAC OS 10.6.6 or later versions. You just have to find that person through its Apple Id. The video and audio calls through FaceTime are absolutely free. You can use your internet connection or cellular data to start placing calls.

FaceTime on the iPad:

FaceTime app is actually planned for iOS users including iPhone, iPads, iPods, and Mac. This app allows you to stay in touch when you are away from your family, friends, business, and employees.

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If you are looking for using this notable videotelephony app on your iPad, then don’t worry you do not have to do anything. Apple has already installed the FaceTime app on your iPads.

You just need your Apple ID to activate this pre-installed FaceTime app on your iPads. This must be interesting for you to know that once you have your iPad, you are ready to make high-quality video or audio calls through FaceTime without any hassles or long process of downloading.

With the help of FaceTime on iPads, you can easily do or receive unlimited video and audio calls. As this app is for iOS users only, so you can only do video or telephony calls to those users who are using iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad devices. You can directly place a call to iPad users by using their email id that is typically available in the contact list.

Ultimate Guide to Start FaceTime on iPad:

iPad 2 or later has an in-built camera that facilitates you to conduct video calls through FaceTime. This interactive app lets you talk to your loved ones when you are at distant from them.

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FaceTime on iPad provides all the most popular features, but you are unable to adjust the volume through its application and you can’t make recordings of videos. However it has all beneficial options that makes it a good choice in its use.

Turn on Face Time Feature on Your I Pad:

The most important thing is, before using Face Time in your iPads, make sure that you have turned on pre-installed Face Time feature, you can do this by:

  • Go to the setting menu which is available on the Home Page of your iPad.
  • Then, click on the Face Time feature to turn it activate.

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  • It is also possible to apply the same method for those who want to temporarily disable the feature on the iPad.

In the settings menu on Your iPad’s setting menu, may choose the contacts that you would like to connect through FaceTime. This is done by choosing their email addresses as well as phone numbers.

Use Face Time Call On iPad:

You can only place calls through your FaceTime to other Apple device users. This means you can get interlinked through Face Time with other users who are using

  • iPad 2 or later, or
  • Mac running OS X 10.6.6 or
  • iPhone4 or later or
  • Fourth-generation iPod touch or later

Before you call anyone one of Apple devices, be sure you’ve added him to your iPad contacts. Making a video call or audio call on your iPad is incredibly simple. You only need to follow a few steps that include.

Click on the Face Time icon:

As discussed earlier, Face Time is a pre-installed feature on your iPads. You can easily find its icon on the home screen of your iPads. When you will click on the Face Time icon, it will ask you to give the required data.

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It is required to input the email address as well as the number that you wish to begin the conversation. Once you have reached the needed contact, you need to click next.

Locate Your Required Contact:

On the main screen of your FaceTime app, you will find a list of contacts that will appear on the right side of your screen. When you will find the account of a user that you want to contact, just click on his or her name.

Locate Your Required Contact image

By clicking on his name, you can get all the important information of that user. The list shows its home number, mobile number, email address and other option like share contact, add to favorites and block this caller.

Contact information Panel

Place video or audio call with the selected contact:

Once you will reach to the information of that particular user, you just have to store his or her number or email- address. You must only store information which is inter-linked with Face Time.

After synchronization of the required data, you just have to click on the button of video or audio call. And can enjoy one of the most loved video calling services of the world.

Hence hereby the information helps you to start and make FaceTime on iPad which is an easy task to do on your own. I hope the details helped you to connect with your friends and families. Do share with your friends and families so that they can also know the use of Face Time on iPad. 

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