How to enable or disable Live Photos during FaceTime calls – 2024

How To Turn Off Facetime Photos: Our gadgets provide us with a myriad of options to capture unforgettable moments.

From taking pictures to making videos, we can save minutes or seconds from treasuring in the future. And if you’re using FaceTime more frequently than ever, you might wish to save photos from these calls.

One option is to record FaceTime calls using your iPhone or Mac. However, if you don’t want to record an entire call but want to capture a second, you could capture Live Photos instead.

This guide teaches how to get started and stop live Photos from being taken in your FaceTime conversations using iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Enable or disable Live Photos in FaceTime

Live Photos during the FaceTime video calls are managed by a specific setting within the iPhone or iPad’s Settings app or in the Mac’s FaceTime Preferences. Follow us as we guide you through the process.

iPhone and iPad iPhone and iPad

Here’s how you can alter Facebook Live Photos settings in FaceTime. Facebook Live Photos setting in FaceTime.

1.) Open the Settings app, and then tap FaceTime.

2. ) Go to the bottom of the page there’s a switch to turn on Facebook Live Photos. If you’re the first users of iPhone The green light is turned on and the grey light is off as you turn the switch.

If you decide to allow Facebook Live Photos feature, it will allow others to take photos of your calls. It’s obvious that in order to stop this, you must turn off the feature.

How to enable or disable Live Photos during FaceTime calls

Capture Live Photo during FaceTime

It would help if you pressed the recording button on the bottom to take a live Photo when you’re on the FaceTime conversation on iOS. If you can’t find the button, tap the screen, and it will appear.

If the number you’re calling cannot use this feature, you’ll receive an announcement letting you know.

On Mac

Here’s how you can change the FaceTime Live Photos settings on Mac:

1.) Open FaceTime and connect FaceTime> Choices from the menu streak.

2.) Select the Settings tab. At the bottom, either remove the checkbox for the Live Photo option to allow it to be recorded during video calls according to your preferences.

If you don’t want your caller to be able to take a Live Photo of you during an interview, make sure to turn off the option.

Capture Live Photo during FaceTime on Mac

To take a Live Photo during a FaceTime call on Mac, Click on the button to capture the button. If you can’t find the button, press the screen, and it will appear.

If the setting is not enabled, You’ll get an option to choose whether you’d like it to be enabled. Be aware that it needs to be activated on both devices.

If you, as well as your family members or friends, would like to take live photos in your FaceTime calls, it’s a fantastic feature. Remember that if you’d like to block other people from taking pictures of your face while you are on the phone, it’s simple to disable it.

What are your thoughts about Live Photos in FaceTime calls?

Disabling FaceTime Live Photos

Although you can’t stop someone you are video-chatting from taking a photo, You can block them from snapping the FaceTime Live Photo. To do this, you must go to “FaceTime” in Settings, then turn off the “FaceTime Live Photos” option.

It is impossible to capture live photos of people in video calls, even if another user has the feature activated because Apple uses an all-or-nothing approach.

To turn off the element in your Mac, start the FaceTime application, click “FaceTime” in the menu line, and click “Fancies.” The next mesh will appear to remove the ” Allow Live Photos to be apprehended during Videotape buzzes” packet.


How do I turn off FaceTime photo on iPhone?

For iOS, open the Settings app and disable FaceTime Live Photos in the FaceTime section. On the Mac, launch the FaceTime application, navigate into FaceTime > Preferences and switch off Allow Live Photos to be taken during Video calls.

Can I turn off FaceTime Photos?

On iPhone and iPad

1.) Open the Settings app, and then tap FaceTime. 2) Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll notice that toggle to enable FaceTime Live Photos. If you’re new to iPhone, Green is turned on, and grey is disabled when you turn off the switch.

How do I turn on FaceTime photo on iPhone?

iOS 11 allows you to capture Live Photos during FaceTime calls. How do I turn it on? To turn on or off live Photos in FaceTime phone calls, go to the Settings > FaceTime for Your iPhone or iPad and scroll down until you can see FaceTime Live Photos. Toggle it off or on.

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