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Does FaceTime Use Data: FaceTime is Apple’s video-calling service for iOS that relies on data instead of cellular minutes to call. FaceTime is free, and as long as you’ve got internet access, you can call other iPhone users without paying any fees for your cellular plan.

This isn’t to say that FaceTime calls will never cost you anything without internet access; FaceTime needs to use your data plan for internet connectivity. There are numerous things to consider FaceTime and its features, so let’s explore the information you need to know about this video calling app and service.

FaceTime Data Usage

The first thing to be aware of is that FaceTime does not utilize the voice plan to establish connections regardless of the place or the method you use.

When a FaceTime call has initiated, the sending and reception of audio and video information completely are dependent on the usage of information over an internet connection. This is similar to how any other application in your phone transmits and receives data online.

Although you can connect using a WiFi connection and a mobile connection to join with FaceTime, it will change to the WiFi connection at the first sign that the reference is available.

Therefore, if you happen to be in an area with WiFi access, you can make FaceTime calls without paying extra data charges. These calls will count towards your monthly data allowance.

Understanding FaceTime Data Usage

First, be confident that FaceTime does not use any of your plan’s voice minutes, regardless of which way or where you make the make calls.

When you create a FaceTime call, you’re communicating and receiving video and voice information via the internet like any other app you use on your phone transfers data online.

Although you can make FaceTime calls on Wi-Fi or your cell plans, FaceTime will always default to Wi-Fi if feasible. Therefore, if you’re within an area with Wi-Fi coverage and make a FaceTime call, you will not have to pay any data charges.

If you decide to make a FaceTime call while there’s no Wi-Fi available, you’ll use data, and the call will be counted against the monthly data limit on your plan.

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use

Don’t worry about it. FaceTime doesn’t use the entire amount of data. FaceTime calls can use up to 3 megabytes of your information per minute, and this can be combined to approximately 180 megabytes for each hour it is utilized.

The amount of data users can increase depending on whether they’re using 4G or 3G connections or creating a video or an audio chat. The user must be aware that movies use more data than standard audio.

Another method to imagine how much data you will use per FaceTime call is this: If you’re connected to a monthly wireless data plan, that is 3 gigabytes.

You are using it solely for FaceTiming by itself. You will be able to video chat for approximately 17 hours each month.

This is one method to estimate the amount of data that goes into each FaceTime phone call. However, limiting your data plan only to FaceTime isn’t realistic.

Still, it can be used as a benchmark since most people have a WiFi connection, which you can also use for a range of other applications apart from FaceTime.

Using FaceTime with a 3G internet connection will decrease how much data is in every call because the overall quality of the call will be less than the 4G FaceTime call will consume lots of data due to its ability with higher quality.

Below you’ll find the method to determine how much data is being used in the FaceTime call.

  • Go to the app and then open the FaceTime application on your mobile.
  • Please select the number you want to make to see what data cost it will charge you.
  • There will be an’ icon on the right-hand side; tap on it.

The quantity of information you used to make the call will show on the next screen near the top, next to the details of the ring.

It will provide you with every aspect of the phone call you made. This will include the type of call, whether an outgoing or an inbound call, and the phone call’s length. The amount of information consumed by the call will be shown in brackets close to the time the call was initiated.

Suppose you wish to determine whether the call was conducted via a WiFi connection. In that case, you’ll need to determine first since the FaceTime application does not typically declare whether the call was initiated via the WiFi connection or mobile data.

Additionally, to fulfil the goal of segregating data from cell phones and WiFi data, the user should visit the cellular site found on iOS.

Does FaceTime Use Wi-Fi?

Suppose you’re worried about the risk of FaceTime occasionally making use of the data plans (such as when you don’t know there’s no Wi-Fi). In that case, it’s possible to turn FaceTime into a wi-fi-only calling application.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular.
  3. Scroll down to locate FaceTime Scroll down to find FaceTime in the list. Tap it to switch off the service. It will change to Green and then White.

does facetime use data

How To Track FaceTime Data Usage?

If you’d like to track the amount of information FaceTime (or another application) uses, you can do this, but it will require some manual adjustments.

The iPhone monitors data usage; however, it does not reset monthly data when your plan is renewed.

If you’re not manually resetting your cell phone’s statistics, it will tally the data every second since you’ve activated your project on your current phone.

  1. Tap Settings > Cellular.
  2. Within the Cellular Data section, you’ll see the amount of data you’ve used up in the past month and the amount of data each application utilizes. Please scroll down to locate FaceTime to view its current data.
  3. Of course, getting a complete picture of the data you use is impossible if you only view the total since the time you purchased the phone. If you’re interested in the amount of information you consume monthly, scroll to the bottom and then tap to reset your statistics.

How to Track FaceTime Data Usage

How to Make FaceTime not Use Data?

Check that you have the FaceTime application is installed correctly on your smartphone for this to function flawlessly. If it’s not, visit the store on the app to purchase it.

The iOS will automatically change your cell data to a WiFi connection whenever you are within the vicinity of an active WiFi network you can connect to.

Sometimes, this won’t go according to plan since FaceTime might continue to use cell data. To stop this issue, you can use force to get FaceTime to connect via WiFi by turning off your phone’s data. It is possible to turn it off when you require access to FaceTime while not in the range of WiFi connections.

To accomplish this To do this:

Settings > Settings. find ‘Cellular’

In the list of apps provided, search for FaceTime and then turn the off switch.

How to Make FaceTime not Use Data

This way, you’re sure that FaceTime will not be consuming your mobile data when you are on a WiFi network that you can access. Be sure to switch it on whenever you need data to run your FaceTime application.

Final Thoughts

The information you’ve read from this article addresses the question of whether FaceTime uses data?

It requires data, and the amount it uses depends on whether you’re connected to the 3G or 4G network. When you use FaceTime to make audio or video calls will decide the quantity of data that you are required to use for each phone call.

You can also monitor the data usage of every phone call with an image of the amount of data you used, whether on the WiFi network or the information on your cell phone.

If you know of a method to determine the amount of data FaceTime utilizes or how to manage the use of data, please inform us in the comments section of this article.


How much data does a one hour FaceTime call use?

FaceTime consumes approximately 200MB per hour when video calls on iPhone 6s. Here’s how to monitor it and how to switch it off, as well as how to reset the usage every month. Check out your most recent video FaceTime calls to find out the amount of data used per minute. Then, increase it to one hour.

How can I FaceTime without using data?

  1. Tap from the Home screen on your Apple(r) iPhone(r). Settings. . If you don’t see an app on the Home screen, swipe left to open your App Library.
  2. Tap. Cellular.
  3. Touch the. FaceTime button. To turn the use of cellular data off or on.

Does FaceTime use Wi-Fi or data?

The FaceTime application is dependent on access to the Internet. You must either have mobile data or connect to a Wi-Fi network to make FaceTime calls via video or audio.

Do I use data if someone Facetimes me?

FaceTime does use data, not calls made via cellular. If you’d like to save your data on your iPhone, it is possible to turn the cellular option off for FaceTime and ensure that FaceTime only uses Wi-Fi.

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