How Much Data Does FaceTime Use? – 2024

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use: FaceTime is an application developed by Apple that lets iOS and macOS users call inside their own devices.

While it is not a replacement for phone calls in the traditional way, it is an alternative that is very beneficial for Apple device users.

Apple FaceTime app operates on both Wi-Fi and cellular data. It can therefore be used on a variety of apple devices such as Apple watches, iPods, iPhones, Mac computers and so on. FaceTime is there for you no matter where you are, whether stationed or out and about.

Apple has promised, at the time of the launch of the FaceTime application in 2010, that it would allow it to be an open-source project that any device could use, but it remains exclusive to Apple devices until now.

Therefore, if you’re using Android or Windows OS, you won’t be able to use FaceTime. However, you can utilize alternative applications for FaceTime on non-supported devices.

FaceTime is a wildly popular application among apple users, and more than 20 million calls are processed daily on the app.

When the FaceTime app was first introduced, it could only support video calls. In time, however, you can now make voice calls using the FaceTime application on any supported device.

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use

How much data does FaceTime use per hour?

Although FaceTime audio requires less data than FaceTime video, there’s no standard number of data FaceTime utilizes per hour. These are estimates.

The usage of FaceTime data per hour differs from individual to individual. FaceTime use of information is based on the nature of the FaceTime call, the quality of the connection to the network, and the speed of the network that is used.

The type of FaceTime call

Audio calls made with FaceTime consume far lesser data than videos. Why?

FaceTime audio indeed offers an audio-only call feature. However, FaceTime video is a combination of audio and video.

A minute-long audio call made via FaceTime could consume about 3MB of data, and this implies that in an hour, it can use around 180MB. In contrast, a FaceTime video call could consume up to 40MB within 10 minutes, around 120MB per hour.

It isn’t the same for everyone. You can monitor your FaceTime data usage to determine how much data FaceTime consumes.

The strength of the network connection

The direct connection between the connection to the internet and the data usage on FaceTime. The more reliable the link, the more data is consumed, and the weaker the relationship, the lesser information is used up. A FaceTime video call lasting an hour could take up to 1GB or more if your internet connection is highly rapid.

The Network’s bandwidth

To use the FaceTime function on your phone, join your phone to a WiFi network, or you can use your cell data. WiFi offers more bandwidth than your cellular data network.

You will likely experience more frequent data use in the case of WiFi instead of cell data since the quality of calls decreases when you use smaller network bandwidth and improves with a more excellent bandwidth network.

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use- Video Calls

One feature of the FaceTime application (and one of the most popular) features video calls. This feature was first introduced in the app for iPhone 4 in 2010.

When it was first introduced, the video calling feature utilized the front camera of the iPhone to allow for visual exchange between the parties called.

The feature that is available in the FaceTime app is continuously upgraded and improved. Currently, there are several ways to display images that can be incorporated into your video calls using the application.

You can change your camera from a front-facing camera to the rear-facing one to show the person you’re calling something, or you can also select an outdoor video mode or a portrait one. Whatever you like!

In addition, unlike earlier versions, where the app was limited to just calls between individuals, The most recent version of the application released with iOS 12.1 includes the ability to make group calls that can accommodate up to 30 people.

How Much Data Does FaceTime USE – Audio Calls

The audio call feature in the FaceTime application, in contrast to the video calling part that was in use since its launch in 2010, didn’t make it into the application until the release of iOS7 in 2013.

It works the same way as that video call feature, with the main difference being that only your voice is broadcast over the call but without a video feed.

This can be useful in situations where you have to talk to someone urgently but do not want to use videos. Additionally, it uses a smaller amount of data.

System requirements and compatibility for FaceTime

Versions Supported: iOS 4 and above.

It is supported by Mac Software: Mac OS X 10.6.6 to 10.6.6 and up

Devices Supported: iPhone 4 and above the 4th-gen iPod touch, and higher iPad 2. and up, Mac computers with camera

FaceTime users may wonder if the app utilizes cellular data or call minutes when using the app. You should be aware that this video call application available from Apple can be used by the iPhone starting with iPhone up and utilizes the cellular data.

It doesn’t consume your mobile minutes for the call. With Wi-Fi, you can utilize your FaceTime application to make calls whenever you want without worrying about your data usage on your cell.

If you’re worried that you are not using enough data, you can disable the use of cellular data in the app via your iPhone’s settings. If your data on cellular is insufficient, it is strongly recommended.

Using FaceTime With Cellular Data: How Much Data Does It Use?

Wifi connectivity is the best option for video calling with FaceTime. There are instances when you’re not within the wifi range, and you’ll need to call using FaceTime.

If you don’t deactivate the cell phone, once you’re no longer in wifi coverage, then the FaceTime application automatically switches to using the cellular network.

Although your FaceTime application isn’t consuming a lot of data, you could require insight into the application’s consumption of data to monitor your data usage and make better decisions.

FaceTime video calls generally use around 3MB of data each minute. That means that for one hour of FaceTime calls, it will consume 180MB of data on cellular.

With this in mind, making calls without using a wifi connection is possible. If you’re on an unreliable connection, you can use an audio calling feature that requires less than 100MB per hour.

How much data does FaceTime use – Checking data usage

  • To determine how many cells data you’ve used in various calls using the app, launch the FaceTime application on your iPhone and look through your FaceTime videos history.
  • When you look at the contacts that have been called, there’s the “I” icon; tap on it to view the call’s duration and the data usage.
  • Determining the total amount of cellular data your FaceTime application uses is as easy as navigating to your phone’s settings.
  • Touch on your mobile
  • From this, you’ll be able to check the apps installed on your smartphone and the current amount of data used.
  • Scroll down until you find the FaceTime option, then click it.
  • The app will show the overall amount of data consumed by the application.

On the settings page, you can change the data you provided to the FaceTime application to keep an eye on the app’s data usage. You can also turn on or deactivate the use of cellular data within the application.

Does FaceTime use a lot of data?

I’d have probably said no; however, it’s a matter of opinion, and here’s why.

FaceTime audio is around 180MB per hour, while FaceTime video can use 240MB per hour. Certain people might seem like a lot because they’re trying to restrict their WiFi or cellular data usage.

If you’re worried about your cellular data usage, switching off low data mode is possible to decrease your data usage. You’re using. Let me explain how to:

You can go to Settings and click on the word “cellular”, select Cellular Data Options >>and turn on the Low Data Mode switch. This can decrease FaceTime call quality, but it’s worth it in the final.

Similarly, you can turn off the low data model on your WiFi. All you need to accomplish is

Navigate to WiFi settings>> Click on the ‘i’ next to the WiFi network you’re connecting to. Turn on low data mode.

How long does it take to use 1GB of data on FaceTime? 

The average FaceTime uses around 3MB of data per minute, which means it could require five half minutes of FaceTime audio calls to use up to 1GB of data.

However, the FaceTime video call could consume 240MB of data within approximately one hour, meaning it can use 1GB of data over around 4+ hours.

Be aware that this is not the case every time; FaceTime data use typically influenced by various factors mentioned earlier.

How Much Data Does A Two-Hour Video Call Use?

Two-hour video call with FaceTime could take up around 480MB, and it may consume more or less; however, this is just an estimation.


How much data does a 1 hour FaceTime call use?

FaceTime consumes around 200MB of data per hour when an audio call on the iPhone 6s. Here’s how to monitor it and switch it off, as well as reset the usage every month. Check out your most recent FaceTime calls to see the amount of data being utilized per minute, and then multiply it by one hour.

How many MB of data does FaceTime use?

In general, FaceTime video is said to consume between 70 to 80MB every 20 minutes. However, it could differ based on the connection speed and other variables.

How do I make FaceTime use less data?

You may also disable your camera on the phone and ask the person you’re calling to turn off their camera, and this will reduce the Video you’re streaming and save data. Beyond this, all you need to do is ensure that your FaceTime calls are short and try to avoid calling more than one person simultaneously.

Does FaceTime use lots of data?

The actual data consumption depends on the particular call; however, the ten-minute Facetime-to-Facetime video call will require around 40 MB.

The amount of data used can vary based on whether you’re using a 4G or 3G connection or if you are using Audio or Video, and Video is bound to consume more data than audio.

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