How to Mute Someone on FaceTime Call? – 2024

How to Mute Someone on FaceTime

How to Mute Someone on FaceTime: What if I said that you could mute an individual on FaceTime to reduce the annoying volume and be able to watch their video with only a couple of clicks?

This article will show you how to silence people on FaceTime, whatever the device you’re using, participate in the conversation on Apple devices (Mac, iOS, iPad, iPod, etc.) or using the web browsing device (on Android or Windows).

Is it Possible to Mute Other People on a FaceTime Call?

It’s a pity that FaceTime does not allow users to silence another user during calls. It is only possible to silence yourself to ensure that the other party won’t hear you, but you’ll be hearing the other person.

There are a few options to eliminate someone’s annoying voice. You can only watch their video via FaceTime call. We’ll discuss the options below.

How to Mute Someone on FaceTime Call

How to Mute Someone on FaceTime Calls?

While FaceTime doesn’t offer the option to silence the other party during the call, Here are alternative methods to accomplish this.

1. Use Headphone

Headphones can be used to block out others completely on Facetime. You need to plug the headphones into your phone but don’t connect the earphones to your ear. Instead, you should put them aside.

If this isn’t your thing, turn the volume to a minimum.

2. Take Your Device Volume Down

Suppose you don’t own headphones or don’t want to use headphones. Turning your device’s volume down is suggested until it is at zero.

I own a Macbook, and I use Google Hangout to video call my friends. If I want to block the sound of their voices, I reduce the volume on my Macbook to zero. It is a success.

3. Ask The Other Person

One of the primary reasons we turn off someone’s voice is background noise that disrupts the call. If this is the case, you can ask the other person to turn off their volume. To do this, it’s necessary to press the phone window, drag up the gray area and choose to hit the Mute option.

In this way, other attendants on the call cannot hear that person’s voice, and you too. However, the caller would still be able to hear the other callers and view their videos. The audio could be muted at any time if the person wishes to speak.

How to Mute FaceTime on Windows

If you want to silence the other person on FaceTime when you’re in a conversation using an internet browser, you’ll be able to mute the browser by itself. Below are the various methods to mute a web browser on Windows:

Method 1: Use the System Tray

The system tray is an easy and effective method to silence the browser. You can do this by right-clicking on the icon for volume at the lower right corner.

If you can’t find that volume symbol, click the arrow facing upwards to reveal hidden icons, and then look for the speaker’s icon.

Place your mouse cursor into the web browser and press to play. Click to silence it.

Method 2: Use System Settings

You can also use the Windows Settings app to disable someone’s FaceTime by turning off your browser.

To begin, search for System Settings in the Windows search bar, or you can use Windows + I as a shortcut.

Within the Windows Settings interface, click System to open System Settings.

Select from the Audio tab on the left sidebar, and then click on the volume of the app and your device’s preferences.

You’ll be taken through the audio mixer, but it will be presented with an entirely different interface. However, you can muffle the sound in your browser by clicking on this section.

Method 3: Mute the FaceTime Browser Tab

Certain web browsers like Google Chrome allow users to disable a specific tab. However, this feature only works with the latest version of Googe Chrome.

Right-click the browser tab you wish to mute and select Mute the site from The menu.

How to Mute FaceTime on Android

To turn off someone’s FaceTime using Android Try lowering or muting your device’s volume by using external buttons.

However, if you cannot lower the volume to the desired level, you can alter the volume levels from within the handset’s Settings app. The first step is to start your Settings app. Next, choose Sound and Vibration and turn off the volume of the media.

How to Mute FaceTime on iPhone (iOS)

Numerous iPhone users have reported increasing the volume all way down, but it still sounds very loud when they are on FaceTime calls.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, a simple solution is once again to use headphones. Connect headphones to your smartphone and call them out instead of placing them in your ears. In the same way, you can connect Airpods for the same purpose.

Apart from that, other than that, you can set your iPhone in silent mode to disable someone’s FaceTime. One method to accomplish this is to press the physical mute button on your iPhone toward the left. It is usually an orange indicator indicating your phone is turned off.

Furthermore, muting the volume by pressing the volume buttons can also be beneficial. If you notice that the volume buttons are acting up, you can use the volume slider on the iOS control center instead. You can also visit your iPhone’s Sound & Haptics settings to switch the volume slider to silent mode.

How to Mute FaceTime on macOS

Since FaceTime has a native app for macOS gadgets, users will need to turn off the FaceTime application instead of using the web browser. However, like Windows, macOS doesn’t allow muting a specific application. A free application you can download is known as background music.

After installation, you can use background music to reduce your volume in the FaceTime application to a minimum. However, we have noticed that the most recent version of background music isn’t working properly. If this is the case with your system, check for version 2 instead.

Sum Up

FaceTime can sometimes be annoying, particularly when people leave their microphone open during a discussion group or background noise is too loud.

Whatever the case, although FaceTime does not allow you to mull other users, There are ways to help make it quieter within your gadget. We’ve covered all of them during this post.


How do you mute someone at the end of FaceTime?

Click on the Call window, and then drag the bar of gray above the effects such as mute, flip, and the end control.

When you mute someone on FaceTime do they know?

The person wouldn’t be aware that you’ve silenced them, but they will be able to tell if they do not hear anything when your mouth sounds as if you’re speaking to someone.

Can you mute FaceTime on iPhone?

There are various ways to turn off Facetime conversations on the iPhone. One option is to use the button to turn down the volume on the right side of the handset during the conversation.

This will turn off the phone. Another method can be to open Settings>FaceTime, then switch to turn the Mute switch to an off setting.

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