Elf Bar Won’t Charge How to Fix it? See Easy Trick

Are you unable to charge your Elf Bar? Do you have trouble charging your Elf Bar? We’ve got you covered. Before you decide to toss it and buy a new one, read this article. We are here to help you fix Elf Bar not charging problems.

The Elf Bar opened in 2018 and has been making innovative products with smart heating systems. The products have a natural base taste and a healthy vaping experience. It follows the motto “Healthier and Better” to offer good tastes and give customers the same experience over and over.

Users of Elf Bar have been complaining about problems with charging their vapes. You can fix the problem of your Elf Bar not charging by following the steps below.

Elf Bar has conducted thousands of tests to ensure that its products include the safest ingredients possible. They offer a variety of tastes and a refined appearance to fulfil the demands of all of their clients.

It sells both disposable electronic cigarettes that do not require charging and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. All rechargeable Elf Bars are compatible with Type C and USB chargers.

How To Fix Elf Bar Not Charging

Are you planning to dispose of your Elf Bar since it cannot be charged? Do not do it. Follow the procedures in this tutorial to attempt to repair the problem where your Elf Bar will not charge. Before you purchase a new gadget, let’s examine all of its repair options.

Before we look at methods to address the issue where your Elf Bar isn’t charging, let’s make sure you’re charging it correctly, per the manual’s instructions.

Elf Bar Won't Charge

How To Charge Your Elf Bar

Step 1 –Connect your charging cable to the bottom charging port on your Elf Bar.

Step 2 –Plug the power cable into the other end of the charging cable.

Step 3 – Check to see if the LED light on the front of your Elf Bar is on.

Step 4See here that the LED light turns green when the Elf Bar is fully charged.

If you carefully follow the above steps, you won’t have any trouble charging your Elf Bar.

Check Why Your Elf Bar Not Charging

Doesn’t your Elf Bar cost anything? Before attempting to repair difficult problems with your Elf Bar, you may verify a few things.

  • Ensure that the charger is properly plugged in. Unplug and re-plug it if it is not locked in place.
  • Examine the e-liquid. Verify that your Elf Bar has sufficient e-liquid.
  • Check to check whether the coil is damaged and requires repair.
  • Ensure the battery is properly configured.
  • When the Elf Bar is charging, the LED light must be on.
  • Determine if a different charger is functional.

Ways To Fix Elf Bar Not Charging Issue

Have you tried all of the above things to figure out why your Elf Bar isn’t charging? Follow the steps below to try to fix the Elf Bar not charging problem if you are still unable to charge.

Fix 1: Just Tap It

If your Elf Bar is not currently charged, simply tap it. It may sound funny, but tapping the cartridge can remove any trapped air bubbles in the cartridge and surrounding the coil. These air bubbles prevent airflow from interfering with the auto-draw switch. By touching or flicking your Elf Bar, you may remove these obstructions and resolve the issue of your Elf Bar not charging.

Fix 2: Change The Battery

It’s possible that the battery in your Elf Bar is dead. Most vapes have a light that turns on when the battery is low. If the light doesn’t come on when you inhale, it could be because the battery is low or dead. If the Elf Bar is one-time use and can’t be charged, you can’t do much to fix it. You can only try to fix the problem of your Elf Bar not charging by taking out the old, dead battery and putting in a new one.

Fix 3: Change The Charger

Users who have trouble charging their Elf Bar have found that the problem is usually with the charger. Try charging any other rechargeable battery with it to see if the problem is with the charger. Probably the charger is broken if it doesn’t work with any other battery. Get a new charger if your Elf Bar won’t charge. Check to see if a new charger can be used to charge your Elf Bar.

 Fix 4: Clean Your Elf Bar

A good, clean connection between the battery and clearomizer is necessary for any vaporizer to function properly. This will provide optimal heat, vapour, and flavour. Therefore, you must regularly clean your Elf Bar. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to clean both the exterior and inside of the connecting region. You may drain any excess fluid from your battery by holding it inverted. Ensure that you do not use anything metallic to clean your Elf Bar.

Fix 5: Use an External Battery Charger

You may charge your Elf Bar by connecting it to a separate external battery if its charger is not functioning. If you remove the batteries from the mod, you may connect it to a micro-USB battery charger and charge it externally.

The issue occurs while using a micro-USB charger because it deteriorates and creates a poor connection. External battery chargers are available everywhere and are not exclusive to vapes. Use a new external battery charger to repair an unchargeable Elf Bar.

How To Protect Your Elf Bar

When charging the Elf Bar, make sure that you follow the directions in the instruction manual in a correct manner. When you plug in your Elf Bar for charging, you’ll see that the light on the LED is red. Push and hold on the left side of the switch for at least 5 seconds in order to start charging.

You’ll notice it is the case that your LED has changed to green, which indicates that it’s charging. When the battery is completely charged and the LED light is full, it will return to red. Be sure to turn off the power source immediately. Do not leave it in the unsupervised area for long periods of time.

Wrap Up

Elf Bar is among the most well-liked vapes available right now. People prefer to use this since it is available in a wide range of tastes and is better for their health because it has less dangerous ingredients.

The ideal approach to set up the vaporizer may be discovered by carefully reading the manual’s instructions. Follow the instructions in this article to resolve Elf Bar not charging issues if you’re having charging issues.


This article will discuss some of the most popular ELF BAR vapes, some of which require charging and some of which do not. By responding to these inquiries, you ought to understand more about your ELFBAR Vape and be able to enjoy it better. We’ll also discuss how to pick an ELFBAR.

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