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MP3 is the most widely used audio format. It can be used for streaming, storage, and downloading. It is the most common format used to exchange files via the internet due to its efficient size, compatibility and browser support. MP3 is preferred by editors for their projects.

It allows for easier balancing the quality and size of sound bites. Due to increasing demand, there are many converters available to convert YouTube content into MP3. Some cost money, others are free. Others have video editing capabilities.

This makes it difficult to choose a converter that suits your needs without damaging your system and burning your pocket. These are some of the factors to consider when selecting the YouTube Mp3 converter

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Software

You should also be aware of the following points before you use a converter:

  • You can download the tool only from its official site.
  • Before you download the tool, ensure that you have a good antivirus program.
  • Online tools can be used to convert once or twice. If not, you can download a desktop app.

We reviewed several YouTube to MP3 Converters and chose the top converters based upon these factors. Take a look at it and you will find what suits your needs.

5 Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Software

YouTube MP3 Converter from Download. This tool is ideal to convert YouTube to MP3. You can quickly extract the audio from YouTube using this program. Just copy and paste the URL into the app, then click. You can download the tracks and transfer them to your device.

It is possible to download and convert private YouTube videos back to the original quality. It features a smooth interface with an in-app proxy setup and smart mode. This allows you to adjust your settings for further downloads or batch downloading.

It allows you to download entire playlists or channels, without any ads or bundle software. This tool is free to download. The paid version includes unlimited downloads and some additional features. Paid plans come with free updates.

by Click Downloader This tool lets you download YouTube music as mp3 or mp4. It also supports Facebook and other websites. There is no limit on the number or types of conversions that can be done. You can also convert private YouTube videos. You can track your downloads. You can get it free.

SnapchatDownloader:It converts your YouTube videos to MP3 in high quality and speed. You can use it to download videos and extract audio from over 900 other websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Coub, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Facebook. It’s easy to use and has a friendly interface. Allows you to set up proxy settings to download videos and websites blocked in your region.

HTMLTD video converter: YTDVideo Converter Free video download, This tool allows you to convert videos from YouTube and other streaming websites to MP3 files in just a few clicks. It works on both Windows or macOS.

It’s a very easy-to-use converter. Although the free version would suffice for most users, if you want batch downloads/conversions you can go for the paid version. The free 7-day trial allows you to test it out before spending your money.

Allavsoft: It is one of our favorite tools to convert and download YouTube videos in many formats. A few simple steps will allow you to download any YouTube video in MP3 format.

It features one-click audio extract, batch downloading, breakpoint resume, which allows you to start downloading videos, pause them, and then resume the download at any time. Installation and download are free.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android Phone

These steps will convert YouTube videos into mp3 on Android devices.

Step 1: Click on YouTube to open the video you wish to share.

Open the YouTube app. Open the YouTube application and search for the video to be converted. Click on the share button to see the video. Click on it.

Click on the COPY LINK button. Click that to copy the link to the clipboard.

Step 2: Next, open your browser and copy the link to YouTube MP3 Converter website

You can find many reliable websites that can convert videos to mp3 format. You can choose from any one of them. The following are the top-rated MP3 converters:

  • Y2mate
  • 4K
  • MP3FY
  • BigConverter
  • YTop1
  • Offliberty
  • GenYoutube
  • ConverterBear

Many of these videos have no limit on the video’s duration. There are many different features available on all of these websites. After you have found the desired features, select the website.

After choosing a website, copy the link and click on convert. The Y2mate reference is given below.

Step 3: Click on the desired resolution/bitrate and click Convert or Download

Nowadays, you can choose from different bitrates on websites. Bitrates measure the audio formats. It measures the quality of the specific audio.

The options can be selected based on the requirements and available storage. The website will load after you select the option. Click on the download.

Step 4: Click on Downloads to Change the File’s Location

The browser downloads, saves the audio. You can edit the file name and change its location.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 from a Laptop or Desktop

It is very similar to the conversion of videos into mp3 using laptops/systems.

Step 2: Open another tab and copy the link to YouTube’s MP3 Converter Platform

In the top left corner, you will see a: +’ symbol to open a tab. CTRL + + N is required for new tabs. Google for “YouTube MP3 converter”.

There are MP3 converter sites that can help. All of the websites listed in this article are compatible with phones, laptops, or computers. Therefore, you can pick any website according to your preferences and the features they offer.

Download YouTube Videos to Your Mac

To Convert YouTube Videos to Audio on Mac, you will need to install an app called ITube HD Downloader.

Step 1: Start a browser and then install iTube HD Downloader

Open your browser and search for Click on the start download. install iTube HD Downloader Now open Download. Now click on Install to install the application on your Mac.

Step 2: Go to YouTube and copy the iTube link to the video

Go to YouTube and search for that video. Copy the link.

Step 3: Open iTube Application. Copy the link and then download

2click on the iTube Application, and it will open app. The top-left corner of the screen will show ‘add file’. Click on this link. The box will open and you can paste the copied link into it. Another window will open, asking for the format of the download. Select MP3, choose Bitrate, and then click on download. You will receive the converted audio.

Is it legal for YouTube Videos to be converted to MP3 files

However, you have been able to follow the steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. But, let’s ask the crucial question: “Is this legal?” You cannot convert any YouTube video to MP3 without permission.

You will find different laws in different countries for converting YouTube videos into MP3. Some countries consider it an offense, while others do not consider it a breach of law. It is possible to convert YouTube videos into MP3 if copyright laws don’t apply to that video or the owner allows you to reproduce it.

YouTube Video

YouTube offers a music streaming service to listen to and to download high-quality songs. This app is available on all devices including Android, iPhones and Macs. YouTube Music delivers high quality music at a lower volume.

Users can adjust audio streaming quality and then listen to the music as they wish. You can also download for free from the Microsoft Store / iStore / Play Store. The user must pay a small amount to download ad-free music.

Users can create playlists and listen to playlists that are online. It has many features, including playlists such as party, workout, melody, and so on.

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