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Recently every Minecraft player is facing the problem when they log in. So, here I am with a solution to the Minecraft Remote-Connect error. Here I am trying to explain “What is the remote connect error” and “How you can fix the Minecraft Remote Connect issue.”

The is also important for the Minecraft Players, By using the Remote Connect you can access your Minecraft Account on every device if you have. popular Minecraft game on online the https // Microsoft Minecraft issue. The error link comes to your screen. is basically a Minecraft bug, This problem shows you when you sign in to your Minecraft with Microsoft account. When you switch the device of Minecraft, then you see this error. Mainly people switch the Minecraft in Nintendo to Microsoft and any other devices, then you face the same as you switch from PS4 to any other devices.



What is error? is a common error when you try to play with your Microsoft Account. Minecraft has just arrived on Microsoft’s platform. So we know if there is a problem. Here we will talk about how to solve that problem. You face this problem when you change the device of Minecraft.

In this error, you can see that you are asked to enter the code of But you don’t know which code you need to enter to solve the In short, you need a Microsoft account to solve this Minecraft crossplay means,

This Aka ms remote connect error can also corrupt your game data which means you may have to clear your Minecraft data to fix this problem. Let us know how you can fix the crossplay error and to fix the remote connect error you have to follow the process given below.

How to fix the crossplay error of Minecraft? | How to fix error?

Let us know how you can fix the crossplay error and to fix the remote connect error you have to follow the process given below.

How to Log In & Out to Microsoft, Fix Errors, Change Gamertag: Microsoft Minecraft

How to solve the Xbox Crossplay error?

To play Minecraft remotely you first need to download Minecraft one edition on Xbox, then you can play Minecraft on the Xbox console

Step1: Minecraft game player You can get a remote code by clicking on the link below. Click on the


Step 2: Once the game starts you will need to visit the site, go to the website and you have to log in to Microsoft account, to access the remote play option in Minecraft, Then you have to enter the code at You have to enter the Remote Code given at Xbox Screen.

These are functional steps to move and operate the remote facility. We hope this website addresses some of the issues you are facing. The above-given process is perfectly working for Microsoft Minecraft. Now let’s know “how you can crossplay in PS4 remote play.”

How to solve PS4 (PlayStation4) Crossplay error

Both processes are the same. You have to take the same steps to play Minecraft Remote in Play Station 4. And you can also follow the same steps to fix the in Nintendo.

aka.msremoteconnect login


Step 1: First of all,  you have to open the Nintendo Store, and you have to search the Minecraft Game and download the Minecraft from the Nintendo Store.

Step 2: Open the Minecraft Game.

Step 3: After it, visit the official website, then enter the given code on Nintendo Screen in the official website.

 PS4 (PlayStation4):

Step 1: Visit the official PlayStation Store and find the Minecraft Game, then download it.

Step 2: After it, you have to open the Minecraft game on PS4, then you show the activation code.

Step 3: Now you have to visit the official website and enter the given code on the PS4 screen on the Remote Connect website.

Following the above-given process, you can easily fix up the crossplay problems. Now you enjoy your Minecraft game and play stress-free. If Minecraft data is corrupted, so, you have to clear the corrupted data from the Minecraft Storage. If you don’t know how to clear the Minecraft corrupted data, then you have to follow the below-given process, it helps you to remove the corrupted data.

How to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4 and Xbox! Video Tutorial

How to clear the corrupted date from Minecraft?

Open the Minecraft Game, then open the Minecraft Setting. After it, click on the System Setting. After that, press on the Storage, then open Game Storage, last step you have to do is clear the game data.

Conclusion and Tips

When you switch the Minecraft Account, then carefully complete the process of it. Sometimes people scared when they got the error, and they don’t know “What to do?”. So, here I’m explaining all the important details of Aka MS Remote Connect. 

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