Life insuranceLIC Digital AppLife Insurance Corporation of India. You are searching for LIC Digital App to download PC Windows 7,8,10, Litaelo tsa laptop le komporo ea Mac? Ebe u posong e nepahetseng. Lisebelisoa tsa mehala li sebelisoa mehala ea cellular. Leha ho le joalo, re sebelisa lisebelisoa tsena ho feta li-skrini tse kholo joaloka lifensetere tsa laptops, li-desktop. Hobane e potlakile ebile e bonolo ho feta lisebelisoa tsa mohala.

Lisebelisoa tse ling li fana ka liphetolelo tse khōloanyane tse sebetsang le Windows, Mac, le PC ka ho sa feleng. Haeba ho se na tšehetso ea semmuso bakeng sa skrine e kholo, 'me re tla sebelisa bluestacks le medevice system ho e kenya. Will help to install and use LIC Digital App on Windows 7,8,10 Mac le PC.

Ka poso ena, re le boleletse 2 ways to download LIC Digital App Free on Windows or PC in a handy guide. View them and use LIC Life Insurance on your computer.

LIC Life Insurance


Tse ka Hare

LIC Digital App for PC Specifications

lebitso: LIC Customer
Lisebelisoa: 10,000,000+
Laesense: MAHALA
Lintlha: 3.1/5 – 40,680 likhetho
E Qetetsoe ho ntlafatsoa: Oct 4, 2023
Mofuta: 1.3.1
Boholo: Www
Letsatsi la ho nšoa: Pherekhong 1, 2018
Sehlopha: Lisebelisoa tsa Lichelete

RCM Business Official App

Download LIC Digital App Free in iOS iPhone

WanTopup App free download. apps Mac iOS iPhone Open the App Store And download the LIC Digital App right away on your iPhone and enjoy LIC Digital App Khoasolla ho iOS tobetsa sehokelo sena ho jarolla sesebelisoa.

LIC Digital App About

This application was designed to serve the prestigious customers of LIC. The latest information about LIC products and portal services are available at your access. The options for viewing information about products and downloading brochures about the Plan of LIC the Premium Calculator, Apply for Policy, LIC Office Locator, joalo-joalo. The highlights are as follows

The following features:

Register using a registered mobile number, registered email-id
View the policies of myself as well as spouse and children
Register for Premier Services (online service requests)
Online Renewal Premium payments and top-up, loan repayment and interest payment
Online Loan Requests
Doctor Locator
Statements with premium paid; Individual and Consolidated
Premium Calendar
Revival Quotations.
Complaint Registration and View Complaint Status
Claim status enquiry
Loan status enquiry
Claim history
View the status of your Service Request
Email and SMS Alerts

Life Insurance Company

Life insurance is the contract between the insurer and an insurance policyholder. insurer, or a guarantor, in which the latter will pay a specified beneficiary a certain amount of money when the insured person dies. insured person. Based on the terms of the contract, other circumstances like critical illness or terminal disease can also be a trigger for the payment.

The insurance company typically charges an annual premium, or in one lump amount. The benefits can also cover additional expenses, like funeral costs. Life insurance policies are contracts that are legally binding, and the clauses of each policy outline the restrictions of the events covered.

Usually, the specific clauses in the contract restrict responsibility of an insurance company for cases involving suicide and fraud or war, riots, and civil disturbances. Problems can arise when an event isn’t clearly defined, such as when the insured knew they were taking the risk of taking part in some medical experiment, or by taking medication that resulted in death or injury.

Modern life insurance has certain similarities to the asset management industry. Holim'a moo, life insurance companies have expanded their product ranges to include retirement products, such as annuities.

Why should you choose LIC?

Government-backed LIC is the most known name in the insurance industry for life. The insurance company is known for its ability to conduct its business in a fair manner, by focusing on the life insurance needs of the community. LIC announced a claim resolution ratio of 98.04 percent at 31.03.2018 in comparison to 98.31 percent at 31.03.2017.

The insurance company declares the highest bonus for all of its with-profits plans every year. The amount of the bonus is determined by the amount of money guaranteed, not on the amount of premium. The success of LIC is due in part to its ability to launches new plans as well as improves existing ones, based on the needs of the public. Plans offer high amounts of sum assured, paired with lower premiums.

Documents Required for LIC Life Insurance

This list of documents is needed to apply for LIC Life Insurance-

  • Age proof: School certificate, passport PAN card, driving licence.
  • Residence evidence: Ration card, electrification card, electricity bill water bill, telephone bill credit card bill driving license, bank passbook lease agreement, passport, joalo-joalo.
  • Photo ID evidence: PAN card, D/L, passport card bank pass book with photo of the person who made the offer.
  • Income evidence: Salary slip, form 16 Tax returns for income or pension pass books etc. If the total amount exceeds one lakh rupees. one lakh.

Riders are offered through LIC Life Insurance

Following riders are available by LIC Life Insurance

LIC Life Insurance Linked Accidental Death Benefit
LIC Life Insurance Accidental Death and Disability Benefit
LIC Life Insurance accident benefit
LIC Life Insurance company new critical illness benefit
LIC Life Insurance new term assurance

LIC insurance plans

It is normal to be different in our individual lives. The needs and expectations for insurance of every individual differ from other people. Insurance plans from LIC are plans which speak directly to you and offer you the best choices that will meet your requirements. bulehileng Link

LIC Payment Services Online

  • Facility to pay the due renewal fee, interest on loans due, and loan repayment by:
    Net Banking
    Debit Card
    UPI Online
    Credit Card (Only for Premium Payment)
  • Premium for renewals can be paid for all policies in force, not including policies under the Salary Saving Scheme & policies which allow premium payment via NACH.
  • Premium payments are allowed up to one month before the due date, until the policy has been in force.
  • Interest on loans is not payable in accordance with VPBY or PMVVY planspolicies.
  • All RBI accepted credit cards (Only to be used for premium payments) or debit card.

How to Download and Install the LIC Digital App for PC Windows and Mac

Android or iOS Platforms If you don’t have the original version of LIC Digital App for PC yet, U ka e sebelisa u sebelisa emulator. A sehloohong sena a, we are going to show you two popular Android emulators to use LIC Digital App on your PC Windows and Mac.

LIC Digital App Free Download

BlueStacks ke e 'ngoe ea emulator e tsebahalang haholo le e tsebahalang e u lumellang hore u sebelise software ea Android u sebelisa Windows PC. We will be using BlueStacks and MemuPlay for this procedure to download and install LIC Digital App on Windows PC Windows 7,8,10. Bluestacks re tla qala ka mekhoa ea ho kenya.

LIC Digital App on PC Windows, BlueStacks

BlueStacks ke e 'ngoe ea li-emulator tse tsebahalang haholo le tse tsebahalang ho tsamaisa lisebelisoa tsa Android bakeng sa Windows PC. E ka tsamaisa mefuta e fapaneng ea liphetolelo tsa laptop le komporo ho kenyelletsa Windows 7,8,10 desktop le laptop, macOS joalo-joalo. E ka tsamaisa lits'ebetso hantle ebile e potlakile ho feta libapali. Kahoo, o lokela ho e hlahloba pele o leka mekhoa e meng, kaha ho bonolo ho e sebelisa.

Let us see how you can get LIC Digital App on your PC Windows Laptop Desktop. 'Me u e kenye ka mokhoa oa mohato ka mohato.

  • Bula Bluestacks webosaete ka ho tobetsa sehokelo sena ho jarolla emulator ea Bluestacks
  • Ha u khoasolla Bluestacks ho websaeteng. E otle ho qala ts'ebetso ea ho jarolla e thehiloeng ho OS ea hau.
  • Hang ha e jarollotsoe, o ka tobetsa le ho e jarolla le ho e kenya ho PC ea hau. Software ena e bonolo ebile e bonolo.
  • Hang ha instola e felile, 'me u ka bula BlueStacks. Hang ha o qetile ho kenya, bula software ea BlueStacks. Ho ka nka metsotso e seng mekae ho bula tekong ea hau ea pele. Le skrine ea lapeng bakeng sa Bluestacks.
  • Play Store e se e fumaneha Bluestacks. Ha o le skrineng se seholo, tobetsa habeli aekhoneng ea Playstore ho e qala.
  • hona joale, you can search in the Play Store to find the LIC Digital App app with the search box at the top. Ebe u e kenya ho e kenya. Ho sena, u tlameha ho hopola hore lisebelisoa tseo u li batlang li tšoana ka ho hlahloba lebitso la lisebelisoa. Etsa bonnete ba hore u khoasolla le ho kenya app e nepahetseng. Mohlaleng ona, you can see the name of “LIC Digital App”.

Ka mor'a hore ho kenngoe ho phethoe Ka mor'a hore ts'ebetso e phethe, you will find the LIC Digital App application in the Bluestacks “Lisebelisoa” menu ya Bluestacks. Tobetsa habeli aekhoneng ea app ho qala, and then use the LIC Digital App application on your favorite Windows PC or Mac.

Ka mokhoa o ts'oanang u ka sebelisa Windows PC u sebelisa BlueStacks.

LIC Digital App on PC Windows, MemuPlay

Haeba u kopuoa ho leka mokhoa o mong, o ka e leka. U ka sebelisa MEmuplay, emulator, to install LIC Digital App on your Windows or Mac PC.

MEmuplay, is a simple and user friendly software. E bobebe haholo ha e bapisoa le Bluestacks. MEmuplay, e etselitsoeng ho bapala ka ho khetheha, e khona ho bapala lipapali tsa premium joalo ka freefire, pubg, joalo le tse ling tse ngata.

  • MEmuplay, etela webosaete ka ho tobetsa mona – Memuplay Emulator Download
  • Ha u bula sebaka sa marang-rang, ho tla ba le a “Download” konopo.
  • Hang ha download e felile, penya habeli ho e tsamaisa ts'ebetsong ea ho instola. The instola tshebetso bonolo.
  • Ka mor'a hore ho kenngoe ho phethoe, bula lenaneo la MemuPlay. Ketelo ea hau ea pele e ka nka metsotso e seng mekae ho bula.
  • Memuplay e tla le Playstore e kentsoeng pele. Ha o le skrineng se seholo, tobetsa habeli aekhoneng ea Playstore ho e qala.
  • You can now search the Play Store to find the LIC Digital App app with the search box at the top. Ebe o tobetsa kenya ho e kenya. Mohlaleng ona, ke “LIC Digital App”.
  • Ha instola e felile Ka mor'a hore instola e phethe, you can find the LIC Digital App application in the Apps menu of MemuPlay. Double-click the app’s icon to launch the app and start using the LIC Digital App application on your favorite Windows PC or Mac.

I hope this guide helps you get the most out of LIC Digital App with your Windows PC or Mac laptop.