Mokhoa oa ho arolelana 'Mino ka FaceTime IOS 15 – 2023

Mokhoa oa ho arolelana 'Mino ka FaceTime IOS 15: iOS 15 is available on several current Apple phones and comes as standard on the brand-new iPhone 13 range. It comes with various new cool features, such as the ability to share music on FaceTime calls.

Leha ho le joalo, how do you connect music to FaceTime with iOS 15? Here’s a step-by-step guide to using SharePlay for listening to Apple Music tunes during FaceTime calls on iPhones that are running iOS 15.

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How do you share music on FaceTime iOS 15?

This article will cover sharing music with Facetime iOS 15 via Apple Music and Spotify. Follow me for more information on how to work.

How do I share music on Facetime iOS 15 via Apple Music

Mohato 1. Launch FaceTime on your iPhone, clickNew Facetime,” and then add your contact details.

Mohato 2. After Facetime has been set up, go back to your iPhone’s main screen. Select Music.

Mohato 3. Select the music you want to share, and then select Play. In the pop-up menu that appears, select SharePlayto begin the video.

how to share music on facetime

Mohato 4. Select the music you want to share, and then click Play. In the pop-up menu that appears, Click SharePlayto begin the video.

Notification: The feature also employs auto-ducking to stop audio playback whenever the caller starts to talk. Everyone on the call can alter playback by putting off the show, film, or song.

How to share music on Facetime iOS 15 via Spotify

Mohato 1. Launch Facetime and connect with your friends following the steps above.

Mohato 2. Replace the main screen of your iPhone. Start the Spotify app, eaba, for the pop-up window, click SharePlay just like in the previous step.

Mohato 3. Start playing the music. Now sharing music with Facetime iOS 15 with Spotify is working.

In addition to sharing music, You can also upload videos and TV shows via Apple TV. Open Apple TV and choose the option you wish to share. You can then easily share TV shows.

Bonus tip: What happens if you can’t share your music on Facetime iOS 15?

Leha ho le joalo, some users report that Shareplay and Facetime do not work if they share music using Facetime iOS 15. In this section, we will provide four options for you to eliminate the issue.

Solution 1. Upgrade the version

In reality, Shareplay requires iOS 15 and up versions. If you or any of your companions did not upgrade the performance of your iPhone to the latest version, then a problem arises.

Mohato 1. Mohato 1. Eya ho Litlhophiso. ebe, click the General tab.

iphone settings general

Mohato 2. SelectSoftware Update.”

iphone settings software update

Mohato 3. Ka mor'a moo, you will be able to view what’s the Software Update version. If you’re iPhone and the person you are sharing it with are on the correct version, check out the next update. Install and download the latest version if your iPhone isn’t in the correct version.

iphone settings download and install

Solution 2. Make sure your Shareplay is on

If the Shareplay option on your iPhone isn’t enabled, the music sharing feature cannot be achieved, either. Therefore changing the setting of Shareplay to theOnoption is required.

Mohato 1. Navigate into the Settings and then locate Facetime.

Make sure your Shareplay is on

Mohato 2. Ka mor'a moo, you’ll find Shareplay. E tobetse.

3. Slide the button from green to ensure that the Shareplay is on.

open Make sure your Shareplay is on

Solution 3. Disable and re-enable Facetime on iPhone

Suppose there’s nothing wrong with Shareplay or the version you can deactivate and then re-enable the Facetime app on iPhone for a restart of Facetime and remove all corrupted or damaged files. Ehlile, you should ensure that Facetime is compatible in your area.

Mohato 1. Start your settings and navigate”FaceTime” ” FaceTime.

Disable and re-enable Facetime on iPhone

Mohato 2. Turn off the device, then switch on the toggle that saysFaceTime.


It is now clear if it is possible to share music via Facetime, and the best way to do this is using Facetime iOS 15. Leha ho le joalo, suppose you encounter issues such as Shareplay and Facetime not working. In that case.

You can upgrade the version, activate Shareplay or disable and then restart Facetime or reset your iPhone. Before you erase your iPhone, make sure you backup your iPhone.


How do you play music during FaceTime?

Swipe upwards from the bottom on the FaceTime call. Open music streaming application that supports SharePlay. Play the album or song. Suppose prompted by a prompt, select SharePlay.

How do you screen share music on FaceTime?

How do you watch Together or listen to Together during a FaceTime call

  1. Tap upwards on the right side of the FaceTime call.
  2. Select the streaming application that is compatible with SharePlay.
  3. Choose the TV show, movie, or music you wish to stream.
  4. Click SharePlay, or share My Screen if prompted.

Why can’t I share music on FaceTime?

Start the Settings app and click onFacetime.Click on Shareplay under the contact details. Switch on the toggle for Shareplay on the right. Now turn on the toggle for all apps you would like to use Shareplay.

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