Software known as auto clickers modifies how your computer perceives mouse clicks. It enables you to do many mouse clicks on a single button or performs pre-programmed clicks for you.

Users can use an auto clicker for click-based games and to conduct repetitive chores that demand a lot of clicks by changing settings and creating macros in software.


Auto Clickers for Mac Free Software Download


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Auto Clicker for Mac

The Auto Clicker for Mac was developed by MurGaa which is a company that’s developed a number of Mac auto-clickers through the years, one of which we’ve discussed below.

You can configure Auto Clicker for Mac to make an unlimited number of clicks no matter where you want to put your cursor, and then end at the point you can manually stop them. The stop and start buttons can be accomplished using buttons within Auto Clicker or by pressing the mouse’s middle button (if you already have one) or using a keyboard shortcut you create within the software.

The Auto Clicker for Mac allows you to control how long it takes between each click by entering the duration in seconds and milliseconds. This means you can set it to hit 50 times within 50 seconds, or even have 50 clicks occur in one second, if you choose the millisecond delay properly.

The app also lets you select the maximum number of clicks you wish to make, this is extremely helpful with games that rely on clicks that can shut down or block you when you exceed certain amounts in the span of a few minutes. Go through a game’s terms of conditions to know about any limitations on clicks to prevent bans, and set the Auto Clicker for Mac accordingly!

Auto Clickers for Mac

The Auto Clicker for Mac offers a free trial before charging $6.54 for six months of use on one Mac.There are a few free auto-clickers for Mac that you can get here, but the level of control and flexibility it provides might make the price tag worthwhile.

Download Automat Clicker to Mac

Mac Auto Mouse Click

We also like Mac Auto Mouse Click, another MurGaa auto-clicker. Not only does it click for you, but it also moves your mouse to pre-programmed locations and does other things. Consequently, Mac Auto Mouse Click can help automate challenging activities.

Imagine you are repeatedly hitting the same buttons while uploading a large number of documents to an internet database. You can design the flow of events that the Mac Auto Mouse will perform for you while selecting files and pressing the necessary buttons.

The ability to write or code is not necessary to perform these tasks. Placing your cursor where you need it is as simple as telling Mac Auto Mouse to do it. Set the kind after clicking to use the hotkey to make a note of that location.

Download Mac Auto Mouse Click

Mac Auto Clicker

Mac Auto Clicker from File Horse is a free Mac auto-clicker that we’d recommend. Like Auto Clicker for Mac, Mac Auto Clicker will keep clicking until you exit the software or until it has made the specified number of clicks.

To make sure you can position your cursor correctly before Mac Auto Clicker starts clicking, you can select to choose the delay start option.

If you choose to quit the programme this way, it also lets you set a timer for the auto-clicking. With Mac Auto Clicker, you may choose both the time between clicks and the spacing between clicks, just like with the other auto clickers on our list.

Download Apple Auto-Clicker


If you’re in search of an auto-clicker that is simple to use on your Mac, iMouseTrick is the auto-clicker you’ve been looking for. iMouseTrick lets users set the amount of clicks you’d like (including an unlimited number of clicks) and the interval between clicks. It also lets you make a countdown timer before you begin.

All of these are options, aside from the options to hide the iMouseTrick’s window and stopping the clicks whenever you hover your mouse on the windows. It’s a simple auto clicker to use. You generally define the value you’d like by dragging and clicking on scales that have maximum values you can alter by entering new numbers to the scales.

Leha ho le joalo, if you’d like hotkey shortcuts for stopping or beginning your clicks, as well as additional options that can be more complex, iMouseTrick sadly doesn’t have these.

iMouseTrick is a free application, however it isn’t expensive, and with its simple interface, it might be everything you want. We would recommend it to anyone who are looking for an auto-clicker with no frills, or to those who is tech-phobic or technologically challenged at times.

Download IMouseTrick


Auto clickers are fantastic tools for playing a variety of computer games, but they’re also great when clicking requires a lot of your hands or is difficult to accomplish. An auto-clicker for your Mac will reduce the amount of clicking required, relieving some of the strain associated with computer use.

By enabling click-free PC operation, DwellClick goes a step farther. Simply switch off the programme, position your trackpad or mouse pointer in a certain spot, and wait a short while as DwellClick clicks on your behalf.

In addition to left, hantle, and double clicks, DwellClick can also click and drag on your behalf. This implies that you can modify how your windows are organised.

Download DwellClick

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