Running iMessage for PC Windows and Desktop is very easy for example when you are busy with work and need to know who is calling or sending message on your phone with the help of notifications.

While smartwatches are now equipped with this option, you are able to access mobile messages on your device using the iMessage application. you can use it

In this post, we will look at iMessage app in iOS and we will learn about different ways to use iMessage application on PC Windows 7,8, 10, PC Windows Free Download.

Run iMessage for PC Windows


What is iMessage

In order to facilitate communication and the sending of SMS and other message kinds, the iMessage app was created particularly for the iPhone.

It is an integrated programme that helps you communicate with other users and preserves all of your conversations.

Yet, since users must switch to cell phones on their device to access iMessage, there are occasions when they run into different problems when using the service.

We’ll examine various methods in this post for using iMessage on a computer running Windows 7, 8, or 10.

iMessage Using Simulator

Users may utilise numerous programmes to take use of different OSes on their devices. Simulators are the name given to these applications.

Simulators simulate the functionality of the installed apps on the devices that operate on various platforms.

If you want to imitate iMessage on your computer, you may do so because it is one of the iOS applications.

You may use iMessage for Windows with a variety of iOS emulators and simulators, some of which are listed below:

  • Smartface
  • Corellium
  • Mobile Studio
  • Test Flight
  • Delta
  • Adobe Air

Once you’ve installed any of these simulators on your system, you will need to launch them and then connect iMessage to your iPhone to be able to use the app effortlessly. Many users believe that iPadian can help them use iMessage however it’s clearly stated on the website of the company that iPadian is not compatible with iMessage.

iMessage Your Phone Application

Website: Phone

Price: Free

It’s a fantastic Windows programme. Also, it has lessened the inconvenience of having to find your phone’s number to view messages.

The iOS capability that allows users to receive system messages and reply right away is perfectly replicated by this app. As a result, it takes less time to access the website, enter a password, and respond. With the help of this programme, users of Windows 7, 8, and 10 may utilise iMessage.

These are steps to follow:

  • Download the phone app both on your mobile device and your computer.
  • Sync both devices using Microsoft Email ID.
  • After that, you need to give Bluetooth permission to your phone.
  • Verify email address and provide permissions.

The picture above displays the interface of the phone application connected to the device.

Third Party Application

Website: Cydia

Price: $1

It is a programme that transfers information from iMessage to the system whenever the mobile device and the computer are connected to the internet over the same network. It is feasible to share data on the same network without jeopardising any security measures.

Install Cydia on your computer. You may then enable the programme in the settings after it has been installed.


  • Download Settings & Cydia.
  • Enter your IP address when you log in to the Cydia website on your computer. It will become active.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Website: Chrome Desktop

Price: Free

Chrome offers its users an option known as Remote Desktop, which allows users to connect to different devices using the secret code. When this code matches with the remote desktop, users can connect to both devices.

This feature operates by utilizing the notion of host and client devices, that is, the client device is able to connect to the host device and in this case hosts devices are your mobile phones.

Therefore, the user has to install the host installation onto their iPhone and the remote desktop app on their Mac that allows them to use iMessage on their PC.

NOTE: This method will be only effective on Mac systems.

Follow these steps:

  • Start Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop application, enter the PIN, confirm the PIN by clicking on Start.
  • After that, you’ll be able to click Remote Support then connect the device you are using to the System by using your Access Code provided in the section, as shown in the image below.

It allows you to link the Mac System to iMessage and respond instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use iMessage on a PC?

Response:Yes, you can utilize iMessage on your PC making use of third-party programs such as simulators, iMessage as well as Chrome Remote Desktop feature.

Can you get iMessage on Windows?

Solution: Using iMessage on Windows is possible, however you’ll have to do it using a simulator as without a simulator iMessage will not run.

Is Cydia secure suitable for iPhone?

Response: Yes, until you download apps from reliable source, Cydia is safe and reliable, however, certain users have reported that this app works only on jailbroken phones.

Is iMessage on PC secure?

Answer: Using third-party applications to read iPhone messages isn’t completely secure, therefore it’s best to stay clear of using third-party apps.

Does Jailbreak harm iPhone?

Answer A jailbreak iPhone is a breach of your iPhone warranty, stating that this device isn’t covered by iPhone protocols. This will allow users to install additional applications but it’s going to eliminate all security restrictions and make your information vulnerable.

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