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Hadi mpädi!! Nuna ar Nthuts'i bí da mats'i descargar ne instalar ar Pixelmator App jar Windows PC 7, 8, 8.1, Ne 10. Nu'i gi ga pädi da Pixelmator App hingi 'bu̲i oficialmente disponible pa PC, ne simplemente usaremos emuladores da uni ar Pixelmator pa Windows pc 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, ne Mac.

Descargar Pixelmator pa Windows 10 yá Windows 8 yá Windows 7 Gratis

Pixelmator pa Windows


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Pixelmator is a graphic editor designed for macOS by Lithuanian brothers Aidas Dailide and Saulius, and built upon a combination of open-source and macOS technologies.

Pixelmator features retouching, navigation, selection, painting, and color correction tools; as well as GPU-powered image processing, layers-based image editing, automation, color management, and a transparent head-up display user interface for work with images.

Pixelmator uses OpenGL and Core Image technologies that use Mac’s video card for image processing.

Categoría Graphics & Design
Pa lanzamiento 2019-12-02
Licencia $39.99
Versión software 1.5.3
Tamaño ar archivo 176.27 Mb
Compatibilidad Windows 10 yá 8.1 yá 8 yá 7 yá thandi ne Mac OS X 10.13
Sitio xidi mfädi

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Características ya nt'ot'e Pixelmator pa Pc ko Windows & Mac

  • Uses technologies like Automator and Core Image.
  • Based on ImageMagick.
  • Shape tools.
  • Uses layers-based editing.
  • ColorSync and macOS ColorSync profiles are supported.
  • Combines with macOS and applications such as Aperture and Photos.
  • Photos can be taken with a FaceTime camera from within the application.
  • Quick file change can be done with the help of Automator actions.
  • Photoshop images with layers are supported as well as other famous still image file formats.
  • Over 40 tools for cropping, painting, selecting, typing, retouching, measuring, ne navegación.
  • 16 bo̲jä nu'u̲ edición ar njät'i ne nö'ö 50 Filtros.
  • Support for Mac OS X Lion features such as autosave, Versiones, ne modo pantalla nxo̲ge.

Tema descargar ne instalar Pixelmator pa Windows PC 10/8/7 ne Mac usando BlueStacks?

Descargar Pixelmator pa Windows

Deni ya pasos tso̲kwa continuación:

  • Jar ndu̲i lugar, descargar ne instalar BlueStacks ja ár PC.
  • Gi du̲i sesión ko Google ID pa acceder Play Store, wa hoki mäs xti nde.
  • Busque ya nt'ot'e Pixelmator jar barra xí nthoni jár ts'ät'i mäs xi ngu derecha.
  • Pulse da instalar ár nt'ot'e Pixelmator ndezu̲ ya resultados nthoni.
  • Inicio ar sesión completo ar Google (Nu'bu̲ bí saltó ar inicio sesión) pa instalar ár nt'ot'e Pixelmator.
  • 'Yot'e clic jar icono ya nt'ot'e Pixelmator jar pantalla inicio pa 'bu̲i reproducir.
  • za̲mu̲hño!

Temu̲ instalar ár nt'ot'e Pixelmator pa PC ko Nox App Player?

Deni ya pasos tso̲kwa continuación:

  • Instalar Reproductor de aplicaciones Nox jar PC
  • Ge 'nar emulador Android, 'mefa xta instalar ejecutar reproductor aplicaciones Nox jar pc ne da du'mi sesión ja ar ar Google.
  • Nu'bya busque ár nt'ot'e Pixelmator.
  • Instala ya nt'ot'e Pixelmator ja ir emulador Nox
  • 'Mefa xta finalización ar instalación, you will be able to run the Pixelmator App on your Personal computer.

Bí nja'bu̲ bí ar Komo tsa̲ download and install Pixelmator App for Ventanas de PC 7, Windows 8 O 8.1, Windows 10, ne Mac, pa ja ya nt'ani ne ya hñäki utilice ar sección comentarios tso̲kwa continuación. Bí respondemos nu'bu̲ 'me̲t'o Xöhmö. Jamädi.

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