Descarga gratuita ar iSentry pa PC, Portátil (Windows XP yá 7 yá 8 yá 10 — Mac)

iSentry for PC Windows XP/7/8/10-Mac Free Descargar

Hadi mpädi!! Nu'bu̲ gí 'bu̲i mí honi 'nar bí zu̲di iSentry for PC Windows & Mac and want to know about a complete guide describing how to download the iSentry on your PC Windows 7/8/10, Gem'bu̲ ga venido jar lugar na za.

Nuwa jar Nthuts'i, pe ga Honja tsa̲ da descargar ne instalar ar iSentry for pc and desktop Pa Gratis.

Nt'ot'e paso a paso, Xta explicado pa descargar ne instalar ar iSentry for pc Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, ne Mac.

Download iSentry for PC Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7 Gratis

iSentry for PC


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iSentry is a video monitoring application available for all Smartphones. iSentry is one of the best and a staggering app that can be easily installed on OS like iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian etc.

Use iSentry app to instantly turn your PC with a web camera into an Internet-connected motion-sensing security system.

Just start iSentry app, point your camera to the region you need to watch, and prepare to receive a photo or video should any motion activity is identified.

With a wide selection of settings, iSentry provides you to configure the quality of pictures and video clips, allow sound, alerts and receive email notifications about the events detected. 'Nehe, iSentry can upload the video clips and pictures it takes on disk or in the iPhoto album.

Desarrollador Tristero Consulting
Last Updated 2019-12-16
Versión nu'bya 2.8.2
Tamaño ar archivo 9.54 Mb
Compatibilidad Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 ne Windows 10

Download iSentry App For PC

Features of the iSentry For Windows & Mac

iSentry for PC features

  • Photos: You can count on the Isentry application to take burst photos and continuous shots of the movement it detects.
  • Third-Party Camera: If you don’t require to use the iSight camera, you can install a third-party webcam. wat'i, ensure that the Isentry software supports the third party camera.
  • Alert: Once movement is detected, Isentry alerts you immediately via a mail.
  • Storage: All the video clips and photos taken by the Isentry app saves on your local hard disk. You can directly upload it to the web.

How to Download and Install the iSentry For PC Windows 10/8/7 ne Mac usando BlueStacks?

Deni ya pasos tso̲kwa continuación:

  • Jar ndu̲i lugar, descargar ne instalar BlueStacks ja ár PC.
  • Gi du̲i sesión ko Google ID pa acceder Play Store, wa hoki mäs xti nde.
  • Search for the iSentry App in the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Hit to install the iSentry app from the search results.
  • Inicio ar sesión completo ar Google (Nu'bu̲ bí saltó ar inicio sesión) to install the iSentry App.
  • Click the iSentry App icon on the home screen to start playing.
  • za̲mu̲hño!

How to Install iSentry for PC with Nox App Player?

Deni ya pasos tso̲kwa continuación:

  • Instalar Reproductor de aplicaciones Nox jar PC
  • Ge 'nar emulador Android, 'mefa xta instalar ejecutar reproductor aplicaciones Nox jar pc ne da du'mi sesión ja ar ar Google.
  • Now search for the iSentry App.
  • Install iSentry App on your Nox emulator
  • 'Mefa xta finalización ar instalación, you will be able to run the iSentry App on your Personal computer.

Bí nja'bu̲ bí ar Komo tsa̲ download and install iSentry app for Ventanas de PC 7, Windows 8 O 8.1, Windows 10, ne Mac, pa ja ya nt'ani ne ya hñäki utilice ar sección comentarios tso̲kwa continuación. Bí respondemos nu'bu̲ 'me̲t'o Xöhmö. Jamädi.

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