gCMOB pa PC (Windows 7,8,10 & Mac) Descarga gratuita

Download gCMOB For PC Windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 (32 bit — 64 tx'u̲tho) Gratis

Hadi bätsi! ¿Xi confundido dige Honja ar tsa̲ da descargar ne instalar gCMOB App ja ár pc ventana komongu gCMOB pa Windows 7 32 tx'u̲tho, gCMOB for Windows 8, wa 'nehe nu'bu̲ gi descargar ne instalar gCMOB ja ár ventana 10 ko ya operativo tso̲kwa continuación, deni nuna ar Nthuts'i?

Nuwa jar xeni Nthuts'i, I have given some simple tips and tricks which will allow you to use your favorite app gCMOB to works on the window platform.

Nu'bu̲ xí utilizando windows portátil ne gi download gCMOB for windows 7 Portátil Gem'bu̲ nga̲tho ne ya kadu 'na ya bo̲jä jar xeni Nthuts'i ho̲ntho pe̲ts'i da seguir ar proceso simple da xta tso̲kwa continuación.

gCMOB For PC Windows 7,8,10 ne Mac Descargar gratis

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gCMOB Download Pa Windows PC 7 /Windows 8 yá Windows 10 Gratis

gCMOB is a surveillance application that enables users to access and control live streaming from NVRs, CP PLUS DVRs, IP Cameras and Video Door Phones. Besides controlling the live view, other features given by this gCMOB app include:

Nt'ot'e gCMOB App for PC
Actualizado 1 Hunyo 2020
Tamaño 54M
Versión nu'bya 3.0.5
Versión compatible de Android 4.0.3 ne asta
Instala 5,000,000+
Desarrollador Visite sitio web
Ofrecido nge CP Plus GmBh
Compatibilidad Windows 10 yá 8.1 yá 8 yá 7 yá thandi ne Mac OS X 10.11

Features of the gCMOB App on PC Windows

  • gCMOB Simple & Descarga ngut'a!
  • Funciona ko ga̲tho ya versiones Windows!
  • gCMOB Latest Version!
  • Totalmente apto ko Windows 7/8/10 Ko operativo.
  • Easy GUI to control
  • Support flexible Live Preview split up to 16.
  • Supports InstaOn-Instant Cloud viewing for IP Cameras and CP Plus DVR/NVR.
  • Supports E-PTZ.
  • Support real-time playback when live preview.
  • Apoyo 4 channel Playback
  • MergeImage Playback” Ne “Video Playback”.
  • Support fast-starting live preview via Instaon.
  • Support Video Door Phone feature
  • Support Local File Export feature
  • Support scanning QR code to add a device.
  • Supports sliding feature to see the next set of cameras
  • Supports digital zoom in live videos.
  • Support Push Video
  • Support PTZ controls
  • Remote Configuration of Device
  • Switch to Main or Extra/Sub Stream in one click.
  • Supports Two Way Talk.
  • Da t'ot'e, Edit, and View your Favorite cameras.
  • Basic health monitoring like HDD status etc
  • Can control Relay outputs like switch Close/Open Doors.

How To Download and Install gCMOB on PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 ne Mac?

A partir de nu'bya, there is no official application or software of gCMOB developed for Windows PC. The only way to install gCMOB on a Windows computer is by using an Android emulator.

There are two methods to install gCMOB in PC:

  1. Download and Install gCMOB in PC using BlueStacks App Player
  2. Download and Install gCMOB in PC using Nox App Player


Steps to download and Install gCMOB for PC Using Bluestacks:

  • Jar ndu̲i lugar, Descargue ar Bluestacks emulador ne instalar archivo Bluestacks 4.exe jar ár PC wa portátil.
  • 'Nar pa instalado Bluestacks 4 Emulador, Jaki ar mäte, inicie sesión ko ár nu Google jar Bluestacks 4.
  • Now you can directly download and install gCMOB from Google Play Store using the Bluestacks 4 Nt'ot'e.
  • The gCMOB app will install in a few minutes, ne dar tsa̲ gi 'bu̲i da zu̲di Joox Player.

Steps to download and Install gCMOB for PC Using Nox app player :

  • Jar ndu̲i lugar, Instale ar Reproductor de aplicaciones Nox ja ár PC
  • 'Me̲fa bí instalar, ejecutar reproductor aplicaciones Nox ja ar PC ne da du'mi sesión ja ár ar Google.
  • Now search for the gCMOB App.
  • Install gCMOB App on your Nox emulator
  • 'Mefa xta finalización ar instalación, you will be able to run the gCMOB App on your PC.

How To Download and Install gCMOB For PC (Windows 10/8/7 & Mac)? Video Tutorial

Njäts'i nu'bu

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