MX Player Pro v1.46.10 APK Download 2023 Latest Version

MX Player Pro APK Download: MX Player Pro APK is the most premium version of MX Player APK. With additional features, it is the top multimedia player that is available for Android users.

In comparison to another player that comes preinstalled, MX Player is far superior. However, it isn’t for free. Customers must pay some cash to purchase it.

I’m here to assist you in this. Find the exact URL to allow access to MX Player Pro APK on this page. Download this Pro version for absolutely free. It can be used on all Android smartphone.

MX Player Pro APK


App Info

Name MX Player Pro
Package Name
Publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Category Photos & Videos
MOD Features Unlocked
Version 1.46.10
Size 28M
Price FREE $5.49
Requires Android

MX Player Pro APK is an incredible video and movie player for Android. The app was created in the name of MX Media & Entertainment (J2 Interactive). Today, I’m going to introduce this application as one of the top movie applications I’ve tried.

Best video player for Android

MX Player Pro is nominated as one of the seven most popular movie-watching apps available for mobile devices based on downloads, searches, and user-generated reviews. With a gorgeous interface, but also simple and easy to use, this application quickly gained the trust of its users.

Now, you can enjoy movies in the most effortless way using this application to stream your favorite films. It’s simple. Download your preferred films to your phone, launch them using the app and then enjoy them in a completely offline manner. It’s incredible Isn’t it?

MX Player Pro APK

If you can get an ad-free version of this player, why wouldn’t you want to use it? MX Player Pro APK does not include advertisements while streaming video. This is the reason it’s everyone’s preferred.

MX Player APK Standard version comes with many interesting features that people are able to enjoy for free. However, you will not receive additional features if don’t purchase MX Player Pro. Pro version.

The sole reason for people not buying the full version of MX Player for themselves is the price. As of now, the premium version costs about $5.49 which is equivalent to the equivalent of INR 370.00 but is subject to changes.

You can however download the Pro version for free here, without having to pay any money. Find a Direct link that will allow you to install MX Player Pro APK onto the Android device.

Upgrade MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is a paid version of MX Player, but it is not different from its predecessor version. The Pro version is free of advertisements compared to the initial version. Because of this, you’ll enjoy a more pleasant experience, and will not be irritated by advertisements.

Furthermore, the app offers additional features. If you’d like to upgrade to the Pro version, but are having trouble paying, you can install MX Player Pro APK from our MX Player Pro APK by clicking the link provided below.

MX Player Pro APK – Features

Before you begin downloading the premium version This is an overview of the amazing features you’ll get with MX Player Pro. MX Player Pro version. These are additional features available with MX Player Pro. Pro version.

1. No advertisements: While playing with the no-cost version you may have noticed a number of advertisements pop-ups. If you choose an option to play a video or pause a video, ads pop up. All advertisements are removed when you use the premium version which allows you to enjoy your video or movie comfortably. It is recommended to download and install MX Player on your Firestick

2. If you download the subtitles for a specific video, they may be in any format. It’s impossible for any player to render every format that is available. However, MX Player Pro provides users with the option of downloading subtitles to your video in any format. The premium version can render it for you, so you can stream films with subtitles at any time. Explore the MX Player AIO Zip Codec files and find out how to download the files.

Easy-to-use interface

If you download films from online sources (already with subtitles) however, the films do not be of high quality because they’re large in size. If you wish to enjoy a movie of better quality, you need to download the raw files without subtitles through Torrent.

This program lets you download subtitles and movies at the same time Then the program automatically syncs with the movie. You can also alter the speed of the subtitles.

Particularly, MX Player Pro also comes with hardware decoding that lets you enjoy movies with ease. Multi-core decoding for performance improvements of up to 70% along with decoding, is compatible with it with the NVIDIA Tegra K1 Series.

Particularly the kid-lock function in the interface can help you feel safe when giving your phone to your children, without worrying about them clicking on anything.

Other Features:

  1. Decoders: MX Player Pro offers multiple decoding options which include HW, HW+ as well as SW. Hardware Decoders, which comprise HW, HW+ and help make the playback more fluid and energy efficient. The SW decoder is dependent on the application. The recommended reading is MX Player AIO ZIP EAC3 Codec.
  2. Subtitle Gestures: The user can save subtitle formats of any video, without having to quit the media player. There is a separate search engine that looks for subtitles online using the titles of videos.
  3. supports a variety of video extensions: on MX Player Professional, users can play videos that use extensions such as .3gp, .avi, .divx, .mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .vob, .wmv, .webm, etc.
  4. Kids Lock: Like the title implies this feature is intended specifically designed for children who view videos on smartphones owned by their parents. This feature makes it hard to keep children from opening other apps and calling an unknown number, for example. 
  5. To activate this lock, inside the MX Player Pro app, go to Settings Player >> Touch controlsLock mode Kids lock. When you allow the kids to lock, they need to touch all four corners.

Alternative Way to Download MX Player Pro for Free

You can download the APK of MX Player Pro to your computer or smartphone free of charge by following the steps below. Once you’ve completed installing the application onto your gadget, you will be able to begin using the features available in MX Player Pro.

Download MX Player Pro for Free

Step 1 – Open the browser that you’re employing on the device. Then, type ‘’ in the search box and hit enter.

Step 2 – You’ll be taken to a web page that will provide all different versions for MX Player Pro. There, you will be able to choose the one that is stable to start downloading the APK for your device.

Step 3 – In the settings, verify that the option ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ is turned off or not. If not, turn the change.

Step 4 – Then, go to the place where you download the APK for MX Player Pro and click on it to begin the installation process.

About MX Player Pro

Presently, apps for watching movies and streaming videos, are extremely well-known. On PC I’ll name a few like Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, and Splash. On mobile devices, you can test KM Player and Vidmate.

Each app offers its own advantages and drawbacks. For instance, Splash (by Mirillis) offers a distinct advantage, which is the ability to watch films with 60 frames per second and a user-friendly interface.

But, MX Player Pro also offers advantages that other programs do not. What are the advantages? Let me discover the details.

Final Word

These are among the best capabilities offered in MX Player Pro, which is something that not many other media players provide. By following the above method it is possible to use the download option and then install MX Player Pro on any device at no cost.

If you encounter any difficulties when completing any of the procedures mentioned above, or if you know of anything you would like to see added to the article, contact us in the comment section below.


How can I get MX Player Pro for free?

It’s free to download from the Play Store and on our website. It’s able to do everything that it is the standard Video Player application can do. It also includes a number of extra features that can be useful. 

MX Player Pro supports nearly every major codec and format, including AVI, DIVX FLV, MKV and MOV MP4, MPEG, WEBM WMV, XVID, and many more.

What is MX Player Pro latest version?

MX Player Pro is The most efficient video player on Android! It supports all video formats and features its own processor kernel that allows it to play videos even on low-end devices. Updated to Version 1.46. 10.!

What are the features of MX Player Pro?


  •  Plays nearly all movie files including. 3gp. Avi. Divx, f4v. Flv. Mkv. mp4 . …  
  •  Advanced Hardware Accelerated Decoding (with an HW+ encoder)  
  •  Improved hi10p performance.  
  •  Optimization of processors. Rendering at high speed is available for ARM(r) NEON(TM) compatible processors. Offers processor-specific Codecs such as Tegra 2 processor.

Why MX Player Pro is not working?

If your MXPlay is crashing, you can follow the simple steps below to troubleshoot the issue: For Android: Clear the app cache (settings>apps/apps management/applications>MXPlay> clear cache) and try again. Clear the apps data (settings>apps/apps management/Apps>MXPlay> clear data) and check.

Is MX Player Pro APK safe?

It is true that MX Player Pro is absolutely secure and safe to utilize. It is among the most effective video player applications available. It is utilized by over 100 million users around the world. Users love the app due to its features.

Is MX Player Pro worth it?

The features-wise, MX Player is strong and reliable, which makes the application an absolute top video player app available on Android. If you’re looking for something completely free, you might be more satisfied using VLC on Android.

If you’re looking to edit your videos then you should take a look at the following Android video editing applications instead.

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