Atsisiųskite „Easy Poser“, skirtą „Windows“ kompiuteriui 7,8,10 ir Mac

Šis straipsnis padės jums atsisiųsti ir įdiegti Lengvas pozuotojas kompiuterio lange 7, 8, ir 10. Turėtumėte žinoti, kad „Easy Poser“ oficialiai neprieinama kompiuteriui, ir mes paprasčiausiai naudosime emuliatorius Lengvas pozeris, skirtas kompiuterio langui 10/8/7 ir Mac.

Easy Poser is a human body drawing APK which helps the designer to learn and draw perfect pose of human with ease. It comes with many unique features and uses, which you will find very useful when you start using it.

Easy Poser application is specially designed for all those people who want to learn to draw animation or sketching without going anywhere.

„Easy Poser“, skirta „Windows“ kompiuteriui 10/8/7

Atsisiųskite „Easy Poser“, skirtą „Windows“ kompiuteriui 7,8 ir 10

Easy Poser is a mobile application that helps users to create 3D images and observe the model from various angles. By using it, you don’t require to rely on a wooden doll or art puppets anymore.

Easy Poser app offers many functions that many similar apps don’t have, such as: Finding symmetrical poses by reflection function, Controlling joints, creating accents for moving parts. You can also control the model more conveniently with the stylus.

Easy Poser also gives many different dimensions and body models, suitable for drawing cartoons, game illustrations, or webcomics. Besides, a multi-dimensional controller enables you to create a scene with up to 6 characters at once.

For those who are looking for how to download and install Easy Pose for PC WINDOWS 10/8/7 ir Mac, we have shared below:

„Easy Poser“, skirto kompiuteriui, funkcijos

Galimos funkcijos apima:

  • Control the main parts of the human body poser and highlight moveable parts.
  • Support different comic-style models and body types.
  • Enable you to control a multi-model at a time and create any scene of dancing or soccer player.
  • Enable you to set a direct and backlight on your drawing.
  • Download models in a PNG bright background.
  • You can design a realistic shadow.
  • Support wire mode.
  • Easy Poser automatically saves your drawing.
  • Control the feet and hand movements of your model.

Easy Poser atsisiųsti į savo kompiuterį nemokamai

Zaidimu parduotuve: Easy Poser on Google Play Store
App Store: Easy Poser on iOS App Store

Kaip atsisiųsti ir įdiegti „Easy Poser“, skirtą „Windows“ kompiuteriui 7/8/10 ir Mac

Easy Poser For PC

Atlikite toliau nurodytus veiksmus:

  • Pirmas žingsnis yra pradėti nuo atsisiuntimo ir įdiegimo „BlueStacks“ asmeniniame kompiuteryje.
  • Prisijunkite naudodami „Google ID“, kad pasiektumėte „Play“ parduotuvę, arba daryk tai vėliau.
  • Search for the Easy Poser app in the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Hit to install the Easy Poser from the search results.
  • Užbaikite „Google“ prisijungimą (jei praleidote prisijungimą) to install the Easy Poser app.
  • Click the Easy Poser app icon on the home screen to start playing.
  • Mėgautis!

Kaip įdiegti „Easy Poser“ kompiuteriui naudojant „Nox App Player“.?

Atlikite toliau nurodytus veiksmus:

  • Diegti „Nox“ programų grotuvas kompiuteriu
  • Tai „Android“ emuliatorius, įdiegę paleiskite „Nox“ programų grotuvą kompiuteryje ir prisijunkite prie „Google“ paskyros.
  • Now search for the Easy Poser app.
  • Install Easy Poser on your Nox emulator
  • Baigus diegti, you will be able to run Easy Poser on your Personal computer.

Download Links for Emulators:

parsisiųsti: „BlueStacks“
parsisiųsti: „BlueStacks“ 2
parsisiųsti: Andy
parsisiųsti: Ipadian

Atsisiųskite „Wyze“ programą asmeniniam kompiuteriui

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