Ni bula Facetime me vaka! Ko veilecayaki tiko me baleta na sala e rawa ni o vakacuruma kina na facetime ena nomu pc ni katubaleka me vakataki FaceTime me baleta na katubaleka 7, FaceTime me baleta na katubaleka 8 se kevaka sara mada ga ni o na vinakata mo lavetaka ka vakacuruma kina facetime in your window 10 operating system then follow this article?

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Here in this article, I have given some simple tips and tricks which will allow you to use your favorite app facetime to works on the window platform.

If you are using window laptop and want to download facetime for windows 7 laptop then each and everything covered in this article just follows the simple process which is given below.

FaceTime mai vei Apple Inc. sa ikoya e dua na kena e veisemati duadua, parokaramu ni videotelephony ni yaga kei na kena e cecere duadua sa vakayarayarataki na vuravura taucoko. Ena oqo ni veika vakalivaliva, na tamata kecega e vinakata me tiko rau sema vata vakaitikotiko vata kei ira na tani.

Ena veivuke ni gauna ni matana, e lasa ni rawa mo cakava na veikacivi ruarua na vidio kei na vakarorogo me ra tikoga veisemati vata kei na veika e tu vakavolivoliti. Vata kei na tiki ni gauna, na kena e vakayagataki ni FaceTime app sa vakalevutaki sara vakalevu ena kedra maliwa o ira era vakayagataka misini lalai ni Apple.

iyaloyalo ni forPC ni FaceTime

This app is competitive from others as it allows conducting the most high-quality video and audio calls. According to the research, most people having Apple devices including iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod are using FaceTime to stay in touch with their personal and corporate world.

Initially, Face Time was exclusively designed for Apple devices. But due to its efficient performance and demand, now you can also download FaceTime for PC. Is not that interesting? The communication method has completely changed now.

Era vinaka me ra cakava vakalevu cake veikacivi ni vidio kei na vakarorogo ka sega ni veivakabekabei se na mails. Ena veivuke ni app matai ena veika kece oqo e ka dina na gauna, iko rawa vakarawarawa ni vosa se raica e dua e dabe toka ena dua na vanua e vuravura raraba.

Ena so na matanitu me vaka na kei Amerika kei na UK, most people are using Apple devices which makes it useful for them to remain linked with other Apple devices users.

Ia ena so na matanitu, consumers via vakayagataka na PC me baleta na nodra itaviqaravi ni livaliva ena veisiga. Me ra kauta mai na rawarawa vei ira na vakaoqori era vakayagataka, ena dusimaka na sala mo ni dau vakayagataka na app ni iOS ena nomu kompiuta na itukutuku oqo. Oqo e rawa kina vei iko mo semata vata kei na so na tamata era sa vakayagataka tiko na misini lalai ni Apple duidui.

Me maroroya na wilika na itukutuku oqo kevaka o vinakata mo lavetaka, lavetaka ka ciciva na app implausible ni gauna ni dina ena nomu kompiuta.

Lavetaka ka lavetaka na App ni Facetime me baleta na PC:

Dau, Apple has an in-built app of FaceTime on all devices including iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac. But you cannot get this option on your PC. For this purpose, you have to install Face Time by using an emulator. This downloading process embraces the following steps:

  • Firstly, you must download the emulator ni iPadain. You can have it by using the given link:

iPadian image

  • After downloading the iPadian emulator, open its file and install it according to the given requirements and instructions.
  • Then, once your iPadian emulator is installed, you can now open it and log in by providing the required information. This step needs your Apple ID and password.
  • Now you can have your FaceTime app. But in case you cannot find it then you can easily download it with the help of the Apple App Store program.
  • Lastly, enter any contact of Apple world by using its email, user id or a number and start making audio or video calls. You can do this by clicking the video or telephonic icon given in the app.

Sala me lavetaka ka vakacuruma na FaceTime me baleta na PC?

E vakaoqo e dua tale na digidigi mo ni vakayagataka na facetime ena nomu PC muria e vica na ikalawa rawarawa:

  • FaceTime ena PC e rawa ni lavetaki Bluestacks ena nomu PC.
  • Sa rawa mo lavetaka na ivakavakayagataki ni bluestacks mai na mataveilawa vakadonui

iyaloyalo ni facetime ni bluestack

  • Ni oti na lavetaki na Bluestacks, Lavetaka e kei na gauna ni sa vakacavara na lavelavetaki, tekivu tale nomu PC.
  • E taura e vica na miniti mo initialize oti launching ivakavakayagataki ni Bluestack. Sega ni vakasaurarataki voleka, e rawa ni vakavuna na vuca ni parokaramu ni komipiuta.
  • Ena dua na gauna na PC tekivu tale, dolava na ivolakerekere ni bluestacks ena nomu ivakarau.
  • Gole ki na menu ka tabaka na ivolakerekere ni sitoa ni qito.
  • Ni oti na idola ni sitoa ni qito, Kiliki ena vakasaqaqara kei na mataqali Facetime ka qai lavetaka na facetime me baleta na windows pc.

FaceTime me baleta na iyaloyalo ni PC

  • Mo vakacuruma sara na Facetime, Kiliki ena dolavi se na cici, ka qai muria na ivakasala ena sikirini ni nomu. *Kevaka o sa vakauqeti kina me baleta e dua na iliuliu ni vosanicuru se na veivakadeitaki, taipataka na vosanicuru se vakarautaka na veivakadeitaki.
  • Me vakatikora e muri na FaceTime, tabaka na Save, and then download the installation file to your computer. When you’re ready to install the FaceTime, double-click the file, ka qai muria na ivakasala ena sikirini ni nomu. *This is a safer option because you can scan the installation file for viruses before you proceed.
  • Launch FaceTime on your PC.

emulator ni iPadain

How to Use Face Time on Your Pc?

After installing your favorite app of Face Time on your PC, you must follow the basics steps to start using it:

  • After downloading and installing, launch the FaceTime app. You can do this by only clicking on its folder.
  • Ni o sa tavoci na app oqo ena imatai ni gauna, e dodonu mo vakacuruma nomu imeli ivakatakilakila kei na talevoni tiko mai na lekutu. Oqo ena vukea me nomu ID e rawa ni vakayagataki ena so tale vei ira era vakayagataka me ra veitaratara yani vei iko. Ke sa tiko e dua na ID, rawa ni o vakayagataka kevaka e sega, e rawa ni o cakava kina na vou e dua ena loma ni vica na sekodi

FaceTime me baleta na iyaloyalo ni PC

  • Ni sa oti na iwalewale ni curu, o na kunea kina e dua na mataveivosaki ni vakadidike ena yasa imawi ni nomu na app ni FaceTime. This panel includes a list of names of all persons with whom you want to connect.
  • Raica yani na tamata o na vinakata mo tekivuna e dua na veivosaki. In the case of using FaceTime on a PC, you can only contact any person if you know their email addresses.
  • After this, you have to wait for the dial-up session.
  • And then when the other user will pick your call, you are all set to experience the best quality video or audio call.
  • After finishing your conversation, you can simply click on the End Call button to stop the call.

Na iyaya ni FaceTime App ena nomu PC:

This remarkable videotelephony app has numerous benefits and it offers outstanding results to its customers. Some of its interesting features are:

  • High-Quality Video Call

This app is exclusively designed for video calling. The basic idea is to make people connect and make them closer with the help of video applications.

This software is designed carefully so that you can enjoy the high-quality resolutions for video calls. The good news is Face Time is now supporting 1080p on Personal Computers.

To enjoy this, your system must have in-built cameras. And in case you do not have the camera then you can purchase a webcam.

The Face Time also offers widescreen 16:9 aspects. This provides an excellent calling experience when you want to connect with other users.

Due to its quality and effectiveness, this app is considered as the best as compared to its competitors including messenger, Skype, Google Duo and many more.

  • Good audio call:

In addition to an exceptional video call feature, you can also use audio call options. It also has extremely good sound quality irrespective of the distance

  • Picture in Picture Feature:

This helps you to look better by displaying your small picture on the side while you are busy with your call.

  • User- Friendly interface

Another competitive advantage of FaceTime on your PC is, it has an admirable user-friendly interface. It is so simple, smooth, and easy. Anyone can use and understand it very appropriately. This is the reason that most users are totally in love with the FaceTime app by Apple.


For your privacy and security, you can block any contact. If anyone is teasing or irritating you, all you have to do is to block that person by entering his name in block-list

In addition to this, Face Time also offers other attractive features

• You can easily reach to your desired contact by just using their Apple ID or phone number.

• You can enjoy group call through FaceTime. E veivakakurabuitaki, this app enables you to connect with up to 32 users together

• To have fun and interactive conversation, you can use stickers and Animoji

• During video calls, you can use your cameras in two ways

  • You can show them your face by using a front camera of PC or
  • You can use back camera to let your friends see what you are watching

• To get in touch with your loved ones quickly, you can make your list of Favourites.

• You can enjoy Face Time by either WI-Fi or your data connection

• You can use this app in different languages depending upon your preferences

I hope that the article has fulfilled all the details you need to use facetime on your PC. Kevaka e tiko eso na nomu vakatataro, do mention in the comment box. I will answer your question and resolve your queries.

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